Sixth Grade End of Semester Reflection/Evaluation

Sixth graders, please write a comment that includes ALL of the following:

Keyboarding (2 or 3 sentences):

  • How did you do meeting the goal that you set at the start of class? How did your keyboarding improve?
  • What do you still need to work on improving?
  • What suggestions do you have for keyboarding for 7th grade?

The Rest of the Class (2 or 3 sentences):

  • What were your favorite parts of the class? (Reminder: We started the year doing digital citizenship/collaboration activities, then Morphi for 3D printing. the Clips video, then making and giving your PowerPoint Devotion video.
  • What important/helpful/interesting/cool thing did you learn or accomplish this semester?
  • Any suggestions to improve this class for sixth graders next year?

This comment is a part of your participation grade for today. Remember to only use your first name.

Thanks for a great semester!  Miss Bosch

41 thoughts on “Sixth Grade End of Semester Reflection/Evaluation

  1. I think I met my goal because I can type fast and pretty accurately. My speed improved a lot. I i need to improve typing without looking at my fingers.

  2. I think I completed my goal. My goal was just to get better in my typing. Now my typing is a lot faster now. My favorite time in class was just the games.

  3. I met the goal of a flawless home row. I do still need to remember my fingering.I think 7th grade is going to be a lot harder for typing. My favorite thing that we did was the clips video, even though mine didn’t get properly saved. A cool thing that I accomplished was being able to code.

  4. I think i meet my goal because i can type a little without looking my fingers. my keyboarding improved a lot because i can type using home row. i still need to work on how fast i type. My favorite thing was making the video for my 3d printing. i learned how to make a 3d printing project by myself.

  5. This has been a good year. The type program was really good and I think it helped me a lot. I have had an excited year and will miss this. I’ve really have approved on my typing. I can’t wait till next year.

  6. In keyboarding I met my goal by being on the leaderboard. Also I got to intermediate and was exited about that. I need work on using my home row. We should be able to do it at home in 7th grade. When we get to use games for fun and free days. My favorite part was when we did the 3d printing. We should do more cool things.

  7. My goal for keyboarding was to learn all the keys and start typing faster, and I think I have succeeded. My locating with certain keys is not the best, but I think I will get much better. My favorite part of the whole year was doing the morphi projects and 3D printing. I had learned how to design things that will become 3D sustainableor items that may be useful in the future as a gift.

  8. In the beginning of the semester, my goal for typing was to be able to type without looking at my hands. Now I can do that! I like that now I can type almost as fast as my mom. I still need to improve my WPM. I hope we can get better in 7th grade and that we use a new program instead.

  9. I think I’m met my goal by typing with my hand on the home row and typing faster. I need to improve my speed and my accuracy. I improved my keyboarding by not looking at my hands when I type. I love powerpoint presentations collaboration activities. I accomplished typing, cooperating, and using this for everyday life.

  10. My goal in typing was being able to use every letter without looking. If I were to improve something on my typing, I would improve on using commas and periods. My favorite part about Ms. Bosch’s class was when we used the Morphi 3D app and how we got to print out some cool things. Something I learned from Ms. Bosch’s class was how to type better.

  11. I met the goal by going far in typing. My keyboarding improved by because I can type without looking at the keyboard. My favorite parts of class were when we did our powerpoint presentation. It was fun to search up stuff and write about our bible characters. I learned how to get back into my home row, how to make clips videos, and how to use Morphi for 3D printing.

  12. At first, I set my goal for better accuracy and faster typing. I need to work on, when I’m trying to meet a goal, not to speed ahead. I think the best part of tech class was probably just having fun and learning new things. I think it was interesting how we used Morphi and Clips to create one thing.

  13. I really enjoyed technology this year we did really unique things. This year my typing goal was to get more words per minute. I did not exactly get the goal but my words per minute improved. My favorite thing I did this year in technology was the devotional presentation. My presentation was on self-control I learned a lot from that presentation. I really liked presenting that it taught me how to come out I my shell.

  14. This year has been very good. How to make a 3D print was fun. I have learned a lot. The typing program helped me a lot.I can type a lot faster. I think next year will be even better.

  15. My favorite part was doing the Morphi printing. the helpful thing i accomplished was learning to type fast. To focus and use your time wisely

  16. In technogyl I meet my goal of typing faster and using home row.One thing I can improve in is always using the home row. My favorite part in class was the 3D printing and the video we made. One thing that I learn that was helpful was to make a good power point

  17. In the beginning Technology class , my goal in typing was to get more than 35 wpm and to type without looking at my hands. I have almost reached this goal it is just that I sometimes get anxious of what i’m typing.I have improved by not typing with my 2 index fingers now I almost am always typing in home row. I still need work in trying not to look at my hands a much much. I honestly just want to improve and get better at typing and typing way faster than usual.

  18. I think I met my goal because I went fast while I was I accurate. I think I can improve on my accuracy I want 95% or more. My favorite part of the class was the 3D printing because 3D printing was fun and now theirs another way to 3D print. That every piece of technology is different because iPads are way different than computers. You can improve the class by doing who types the longest with 95%.

  19. I really liked doing the 3d Morphi keychain and the reflection during the middle of the quarter. I really got better at making power points and presenting them. For the 6th graders next year, when you finish the typing lesson, still use home row. It’s way easier.

  20. Miss Bosch was an amazing teacher and she was really helpful with typing. My goal in typing was trying to type with a little more speed and trying to learn the keys. I achieved it by paying attention when i was using home row and what improved was me memorizing where the keys where. i need to work on improving home row in typing. i think in 7th grade typing shouldn’t have the orange skins on the keyboard. i loved when we did the 3D project and the clips to go with it. Some cool things i accomplished were the typing and the powerpoint. i think to improve class next year is have music play all the time.

  21. My goal in the beginning my goal was to not to have to not look at my fingers.I have improved successfully. My accuracy has improved by a lot. My speed is improved a little. My fav was the 3D printing I enjoyed it a lot. I learned that your goal of typing is to not have to look at your finger and to get your speed up.

  22. My favorite part of this class is apple clips ,because its fun using its filters. I also like it with using different emoji when I am making an apple clip. It was very helpful for us to learn how to , because when we get older we are going to have to type on a daily basis. Honestly think think that the 6th readers should just listen , cause if they don’t listen they are really going tho get irritated quickly and not want to do it anymore.

  23. I loved that I was able to set a goal of trying to learn to type with home row. I also realized that I am still a little slow and I think that with more practice I could be a lot faster. In seventh grade I think we should keep it the same, but make a deadline so that people really can learn a lot more a lot faster.
    My favorite part of the class was the 3d key chains. It really helped me as a person show my creativity. The thing that was helpful to me was the typing, now I can type the whole alphabet without looking at my hands! To improve for next years class I think that made giving out small prizes with of thrown would really give kids the urge to use the home row. I loved this class, and the wonderful teacher that came with it.

  24. During this symester When we started typing I wanted to get faster with my Wpm as I practiced I got faster so I achieved my goal. My favorite part of Technology this year was doing my life logo I really liked the 3d printing.

  25. My goal was to learn to type without looking at the keyboard and I reached that goal! I would still like to go faster than I am right now. I really liked this class this year, my most favorite part of this year was doing our 3D projects or the Devotional PowerPoint.

  26. I thought that typing was very good for us but I was really bad at it so I thought it was painful. but stalest now I can’t type using home row so thats good.

    my favorite project was the 3d printing. I still think its so cool that you can turn something 2d that you made and make it a real 3d object.

  27. I have had a good year in technology. Have definitely met my goal of increasing my typing speed. was a great help for increasing my typing skills. Overall in 3rd hour tech I have had a blast doing my powerpoint and my powerpoint presentation. I was happy that I got to learn more about powerpoint and how to use it.

  28. I think that I accomplished my goal in getting to the intermediate level of I loved the typying activities that had me do. I am very excited for the next time we use so I can get on the Advance level!

  29. I think that my keyboarding experience was great.At first when I had started I was horrible, but then after a while I got the hang of it it.I started not getting so many wrong.I was even able to type without even looking at my fingers.Now I can use home row with ease .From now on I will type with home row and also do my best.

  30. In the beginning of class in sixth grade I was always typing with my two fingers because it was easier and quicker. Now I know how to type with the home row. It is a miracle. I think I need to work on improving not having my wrists fly up when I type. My favorite thing I did this year was the power point devotion. I learned how to code a little bit but not a lot but that is something, right. Thanks Miss.Bosch thanks for helping me out.

  31. During this symester When we started typing I wanted to get faster with my Wpm as I practiced I got faster so I achieved my goal. My favorite part of Technology this year was doing my life logo I really liked the 3d printing. Any advice
    I would have for Typing next Year Is probably have some breaks In between Typing like tuesday typing and thursday some kind of project. But technology Is still a fun Hour

  32. I still need to improve my home row, speed and accuracy. In keyboarding, I have improved on my speed and home row. My favorite part of class that we did was the powerpoint devotion, because I learned expert tips and tricks. I am going to miss this class alot!

  33. My goal at the beginning of the year was to be able to type full paragraphs. Now I can type anything using home row. What need to work on is speed. For seventh grade I think we should do more keyboarding games. My favorite part of class was the clips video. The cool thing I learned to do was use clips.

  34. 6th grade was a fun and cool year in technology. My goal in type was to learn how to get a pace going steadily, and it worked out fine in typing. I still have room for improvement on learning all my finger placements around the keyboard. Also, my favorite project in class was the Morphi 3d keychain project, because you can be so creative with the tools and more things on the app. I loved this class, and I hope 7th will be cool.

  35. I think that I did meet my goal on typing faster. My keyboarding improved greatly on typing faster and to keep my fingers on the home row. My favorite part of this semester was the clips videos we made. the cool thing that I learned this semester was learning how to type.

  36. My favorite project was the 3d printing i got to make cool things and learn new things and if I did not like it I could fix my misstake and I have had a fun year un technology can’t wait to come back

  37. My favorite parts of this class was 3D printing. It was my favorite because of all the creativity that we could show. Also I enjoyed making the devotional powerpoint. This was a good time to practice our presenting skills. i had a lot of fun this semester in technology class. Thank You Miss Bosch!

  38. I achieved my goal pretty fast , my goal was to be able to type fast, and to use the home row correctly. My keyboarding is improving, because I am able to type fast and am able to feel like a professional. I still need to improve hitting the backspace with my pinky not my whole hand.I think in 7th grade we should do another typing website but one that is harder to test our typing from this year, and to challenge us a little bit. My favorite part of this year was the clips video I think it was good to try a new app and to make videos.I learned how to 3d print keychains with words on it and how to put words on it. I don’t think you would need to change anything for the sixth grade next year

  39. My goal in the begginning was to learn how to type 30 words a minute.I didn’t quite make that goal but I was close! I need to work on not looking at the keyboard as much. Not to always rush as much and make sure you do it right.

  40. My favorite part of class was when we did the clips video. I learned to type with 28 words per minute. Don’t delay get your jeans day.

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