7th Grade – Transfer Skills


Over the past few days, we worked with GarageBand and Augmented Reality with Merge Cubes. Our goal was to use technology skills that you had learned previously to explore how to use new or updated technology. Please pick either GarageBand or Merge Cubes (or you may write about both). Write a comment of at least 3 sentences telling about the following:

What skills did you use to learn about the new (AR) or updated (GarageBand) technology? How did you figure things out? What did you already know that helped you learn to do something new?

What did you like about Augmented Reality/Merge Cube or the updated GarageBand? Be specific!

What didn’t you like – be specific! What would you suggest to improve it to be better or easier to use?

21 thoughts on “7th Grade – Transfer Skills

  1. I learned how chose different people to that make beats and use their beats to put into my song. I figured out the new update in GarageBand by clicking around until I figured things out. I didn’t like how they deleted some of my favorite loops which they need to bring back.

  2. I learned how to use merge cubes with and iPad camera. I liked that we got to use the iPads, and we never us the iPads. I didn’t like that some of the games were boring.

  3. I learned how to layer loops onto of a base, like piano, drums or a singer.
    and already knowing how to use garage band helped with the loops.
    I really liked the merge cube and thought the game dig was fun.
    I didn’t like how difficult it was to hold the cube and play the game on the iPad on the merge cube.

  4. For the AR games were and there were so many different choices.The skills I used were all new. For one of the games I think they should have more options on what to do.

  5. That AR is almost like a QR code.
    By messing around with it.
    How to add a drummer to garage band.
    I like how I am able to create my own stuff.
    I don’t like how hard it is to hold the Merge Cube.
    I would suggest even better iPad stands.

  6. When using GarageBand, I used my skill of listening, and used my skills that I use on every program to explore and use it. I liked that on GarageBand there are new loops! What I didn’t like about it, was that it wasn’t straight-forward about how to use loops without choosing an instrument.

  7. Last week we learned about augmented reality through merge cubes, I learned about how the camera scans the cube and used that to make it appear onscreen like something else. I figured out how to use this technology by clicking around trying to figure out what each game did. One thing I disliked about the merge cube was the games were kind of slow to respond and didn’t always work, but that’s probably because it is a developing technology.

  8. I learned about the (AR) to do the merge cube and it was a real great first experience and also talk about the new updated GarageBand! Its also a great experience . I can’t wait to do Both another time in class especially Garage band because u can actually make ur own beat and with merge cube the games on there are kinda boring and kinda fun but I loved everything!

  9. One thing I really liked about updated garage band is how you could crush audio and make it sound like retro games. I didn’t really like how there wasn’t any kind of tutorial to tell you how it works but overall I enjoyed it.

  10. I learned how to put a drummer in garage band. I figured things out by just trying different things. I already knew how to do the loops and that helped me figure out how to get the new loops in to the space in a different way. I liked how they added the drummers to give a good base. I did’t like the fact that they didn’t add even more loops. I would suggest that they would add more loops.

  11. what I learned about the new GarageBand technology was that it is a long process to get to the actual loops. I figured things out by asking a friend. What I knew was how to make loops and that helped me finish the song. What I like about the new GarageBand was the details on the beat and the guitar. What I didn’t like about the updated loops because it is too detailed and it wasn’t simple enough.

  12. One think I like about the cube is that you got to see things that you could not see before and you got to play cool games on there.

    I Like the cube because you got to explore things on the cube.

    I like that you could play games you could be better is that if you put the cube down you can still play the game with out holding the cube up to the iPad

  13. A new skill I learned about Garage Band was that you have to learn how to get use to new things and adapt. I figured out how to do things by just exploring and making sure I read what each thing is. On Garage Band I already knew how to add sounds and instruments so that made it easier to make my music. What I liked about AR is that everything was in 3D and it let me be apart of what was going. For example, on the game “Dig” it really let you see everything you were doing just by moving the cube around. Something I didn’t like about Garage Band was that you had to choose a base instrument; it was either a piano, a drum, or a guitar. I suggest that they do not have you pick a base instrument.

  14. I learned using the new Garage Band that there are more sounds and updated sounds. I figured things out by just making music and trying out the songs. I liked that the sounds changed and that you have other options to edit the noise. I didn’t like that Garage Band works a little slow now.

  15. I figured out what instruments go into what kind of music in Garageband. IT was hard, but I just had to keep trying things out. I already new what instruments go together so I just had to figure out what instruments go into which genres. I liked how there are sections for genres and instruments. I didn’t like how I couldn’t use some of the sounds.

  16. One new skill I learned was that in garage band there was a new software and I learned how to set up loops. A skill I transferee tolerant how to set up loops was a skill I like to call eliminate. This is a skill that eliminates what I do not need. This eliminated everything but loops in garage band. I didn’t like how hard it was to figure out everything just so we could make a song out of loops. I think garage band would be improved if they gave an option for loops.

  17. For the Merge Cube, I already used one last year, so I knew the basics. I also learned about the skeleton app which I didn’t use before. For the updated GarageBand, I like how there’re are new sounds and beats, like more drum options. I didn’t like how in GarageBand they took out some cool sounds that I liked and used like less guitar options. I think GarageBand should’ve just not made it more complicated, but still add new sounds and beats

  18. I learned about augmented reality by just playing around with the apps and letting my sense do all the work. I did not really know much about about AR, just that it was used in Pokemon Go!
    I really like AR because I think its interesting how there are so many different codes and programs available in something I can hold.
    I did not really dislike anything except for the app called Mr. Body. I felt it was not that interesting because I could just search what these things do. I understand that this app is supposed to make biology fun, but I am not a fan of this application.

  19. I learned that the merge cube is a real object that have different affects through different apps. I already knew that AR was going to be a little like VR. I liked how the AR cube is an object you could hold in real life and if you look at it trough an iPad/phone it can be a castle. I don’t like how hard it is to both hold an Ipad,angle it, and hold the cube all at the same time. It would be better if you didn’t have to hold the iPad or cube.

  20. One thing I didn’t like about the AR merge code was that there was limited apps to use when you are working with, when you use the merge cube. One thing I learned was that it is not only a VR but also an AR ( augmented reality ). When you start using it in my opinion it was kinda the same thing but it definitely had its similarities. It was hard to figure it out in my opinion because I had never done it before, so I kinda like had to figure it out by just pressing things and just seeing what it does.

  21. One thing that I learned about the AR cube was that the iPad scans the codes on the cube so that a certain screen will pop up. I figured things out by moving the merge cube around so that the iPad would scan the right code. I liked that the cube was easy to use and small so you can easily move it around, I also liked the several different games that I was able to play even though there was only 6 different codes.

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