7th Keynote/Sketchnote Unit Reflection

IMG_5467We are so blessed to have 13 new Apple Pencils that our students can use on our iPads. They were purchased with some of the prize money that our middle school students won a few years ago in the Meijer Great Choices video contest. The seventh-grade students worked through the Everyone Can Sketchnote workbook in Keynote using the Apple pencil to practice new drawing skills and iPad tricks. Then they created a sketchnote of their choice about a book, Bible story, or a science/social studies topic.

sketchnote apple pencil

Students, your sketchnotes were amazing! I loved taking a closer look at them as I was grading them. Here is a gallery showing everyone’s sketchnotes. Click on the image to see a larger view.

A few students explored animating their sketchnotes using the tools available in Keynote. Here are a few video examples:

Students, please write a reflection of at least 3 sentences about our Keynote/Sketchnote Unit. Tell me about:

What did you think of the workbook activities we did at the beginning in Keynote? What did you learn from them? Do you have any suggestions on how I could make the workbook better for future students? (I really would like to know your suggestions – please give MY project feedback!)

What did you learn about sketchnotes, Keynote, and/or the Apple Pencil?

What were your strengths in your sketchnote? What is something you could improve next time?

20 thoughts on “7th Keynote/Sketchnote Unit Reflection

  1. I loved the new apple pen. The pen was very smooth to write with, and isn’t as shakey. I think that the work book helped me personally, to have better sketchnotes notes.

  2. The book was very helpful because it explained what to do with the apple pencil

    THE Apple pencil was very cool because you could draw and it was not hard to draw

    My strength was the drawing because it was very simple to draw things

  3. The workbook before we made our own keynote was really helpful because I didn’t know what a sketch-note was before the workbook. I learned how to trace objects and how to use the Keynote app to make a sketch note in a short amount of time. Finally, I would suggest for the work book that when we practice in the work book that we were given less examples because it forces students to think instead of just copying the examples.

  4. I learned how to use apple pencils on keynote with ease. I was really good at tracing things with the Apple Pencil. Next time I hope I can learn to use the stylus better.

  5. As a suggestion for future workbooks, I think that the selfie trick should be added to the workbook because that was really fun and not everybody got to try it. I learned that when using the Apple Pencil, you can place your wrist on the iPad without it interfering. I think my strengths on keynote were the tracing trick and drawing faces. I could improve on using a variety of fonts and learning how to perfect my calligraphy.

  6. I thought the first time we used keynote it was pretty straightforward. It was just like drawing. When I was trying to watch the videos I was having some difficulty but other than that I would not change a thing. I honestly didn’t even know what keynotes was I had never heard of it.

  7. I thought that the workbook activities were very fun. They taught me how to do different fonts and how to draw faces. Some people say taking notes is boring, with Sketch-noting it can make it fun. Sketch-noting is also a good way to learn without making it boring. Some of my strengths in this were making things bold and out-there. I would like to improve on different fonts though.

  8. I liked doing the sketch book because It helped me to learn how to draw with the iPad . One thing you could do on it though, is that you could draw a scetchnote on the smart board via apple t.v. during our work-time. One thing that I learned is that you can rest your hand on the iPad screen using the Apple Pencil, which I liked! My strengths were tracing or free-handing simple drawings, which helped a lot on time. Next time, I could include a little more information though.

  9. The workbook was helpful, and it helped me draw my people and arrows. I learned how to trace drawings and how to make different kinds of stick people. In the future, I would suggest to check with the students more on how they are doing.

  10. It helps prepare you for what you are really going to do. Also so you won’t be confused. You could put more of the tracing skills on there. I learned that when drawing on an iPad apple pencils help add more detail and you can put your hand on the screen.

  11. I liked how in keynote it teaches you different skills like split screen and tracing. I liked the apple pens and how when you ouch the screen it don’t affect it and it makes drawing easier. I don’t really have any suggestions I think its great. My strength was the tracing and everything but the drawing I need to improve that next time.

  12. The sketchnote was a fun thing to use because you could use Apple Pencil without your arm writing on it and you could rest your hand on the iPad. Another thing I liked was that you could outline drawing and help you draw thing that you would want to draw also bringing other apps next to it to help you draw. The thing that was the best was drawing your picture on the app and making the drawing light so that you could draw something like your face. A thing I could improve on is drawing more straight and making it more creative.

  13. They helped me learn how to use keynote.
    I learned how to work my way around keynote.
    Do a little less of the unnecessary things.
    The Apple Pencil makes it a lot easier to work.
    I worked well with tracing.
    I could work on writing.

  14. I think that it was helpful to have the instructions there to learn how to do it and I liked that it was there to go back to if we didn’t understand something. One thing I thought was quite annoying was that you couldn’t pause it or if you forgot something you couldn’t skip to that part in the instructions you had to rewatch the whole video. I learned how to do the split screen thing. I think one thing I could’ve improved on was detail but I think I was pretty good at writing when I had the Apple Pencil.

  15. I learned about how you can use a Apple Pencil to draw and write and I really learned how to use a Apple Pencil in general. My strength in keynote was I saw how I could use a app to draw and how I can actually drawn event picture, that all I had to do was just put some effort into it. Something I wish I could improve was how I arranged my drawing and writing. I wish I had spent more time and put more thought and effort into it.

  16. This unit of using the Apple Pencils and using keynote was kind of good. The Apple Pencils were very precise and a little easier than the stylus. The Keynote workbook definitely gave you directions on how you were supposed to use the tools.

  17. In the Sketchnote, I really liked the Apple pencils because the palm resistance feature and the point on the pencil were very helpful. I also liked the workbook because it showed me how to do everything that I would need to know on my project. I also liked the overall idea of taking notes on technology and being able to do them in church with pictures.

  18. The workbook was cool, and I liked how it was fun and simple.
    Since I was in this class last year, I wasn’t learning but a review from last school year.
    The workbook was good, and I have no suggestions to make it better because it was nice
    I like how with the Apple Pencil, your hand doesn’t draw on the iPad if it’s on it.

  19. I really love the workbook activities the we did in the beginning. It helped with the sketchnote project. I learned that you don’t have to be great a growing to make a good sketchnote; you can trace and use different tools to draw well. One. suggestion I have for the future is that to really help kids improve in actual drawing you should teach them some drawing tricks instead of tracing tricks. One thing I learned about sketch notes is that the Apple Pencil is way easier to use and that if you do use the stylists you should take your time. one of my strengths in sketch note was finding space to put things and sizing things, also finding out what to say. Something I could improve on is my drawing.

  20. I think that the workbook was really helpful. I liked the videos and how we were able to practice what was introduced to us. One thing I think would make the workbook better would be if there was a slide or two about how to use different colors and textures to illustrate your point. I learned that the Apple Pencil was way better than a normal styles. It makes sure that if your wrist accidentally touches the screen that the picture or words don’t mess up. I liked illustrating my points and creating key ideas.
    Over all Ms. Bosch did a great job on teaching this unit and teaching us all about the apple pencils.

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