7th Grade – End of Quarter Reflection/Evaluation

Seventh graders, please write a comment that includes ALL of the following:

Keyboarding (2 or 3 sentences):

  • How did you do meeting the goal that you set at the start of keyboarding? How did your keyboarding improve?
  • What do you still need to work on improving?

The Rest of the Class (2 or 3 sentences):

  • What were your favorite parts of the class? (Reminder: GarageBand, Merge Cubes, Apple Pencil, Sketchnotes in Keynote, Psalm iMovie)
  • What important/helpful/interesting/cool thing did you learn or accomplish this semester?
  • Any suggestions to improve this class for seventh graders’ next class?

This comment is a part of your participation grade for today. Remember to only use your first name.

Thanks for a great semester!  Miss Bosch

24 thoughts on “7th Grade – End of Quarter Reflection/Evaluation

  1. I got over what I had hoped and WPM increased by 21%.
    Improving my speed
    Garage Band was my Favorite
    How to type faster

  2. I met my goal of increasing my typing speed while doing typing.com. I still need to improve my accuracy while typing. My favorite part of the class was getting to figure out the new update in GarageBand. I though it was very interesting how they made it to where you could chose beats from specific beat makers. I suggest that we have less typing time and more break time, as well as leaving break time for the very end of class for it is very hard to keeping work after having a time of rest.

  3. I did a little bit short of my goal because I planned to finish the whole program but I finished in the middle of practice. My keyboarding improved greatly. I still need work on improving my v’s, my y’s and my u’s. My favorite parts of class were creating a GarageBand song, and doing the Psalm iMovie. I accomplished better typing and using a merge cube for the fist time. My suggestion is to do more of Keynote because that really helped me successfully finish my sketch note.

  4. I met my goal by improving my speed. my speed went from 15 wpm to almost 30 wpm. My favorite part in this class was using the Merge Cubes. I improved my ability to type using the home row. I have no suggestions this class is great the way it is.

  5. I am very excited about the growth I have had in typing this year and I know that I will continue to improve as time goes on. One thing I need to improve is reaching the numbers at the top of the keyboard. My favorite part of this class was making the Psalm video in Keynote. It was really fun having the freedom to be creative on that project. In this class the most important thing that I learned was how to type fast and using all my fingers. Finally, a suggestion that I have is when we do typing, we should mix in other projects during that time so we do other things than just type for a long period of time because some people can’t focus on one thing for that long.

  6. Keyboarding

    I think I did pretty good for my goal. My goal was 25 WPM, and my average is 22 WPM. My keyboarding definitely improved, because I remember when I was typing 10 WPM. One thing I still need to work on is my accuracy.

    The Rest of the Class

    I think my favorite part of the class was the Psalm iMovie, because I liked editing and cropping clips. One cool thing I did over the quarter was I got to use an Apple Pencil. 1 suggestion I have for the next class is to have fun in this class, because if you like electronics this is the class for you.

  7. My keyboarding improved by me typing a lot faster and I now the keys better. That all you you have to do in life is take your time and believe in the lord and he will help you because at the beginning I was very bad but I put my faith in God and he help me get throw it. I think on thing you should do is make sure the kids actchuly try and it and if they don’t you should make them try to they do because they need to learn how to type the right way.

  8. I focused on when I typed looking at the hands so I know I have the right fingers on the keys. I think I need to work on my speed a little bit more with typing and hitting the right keys.
    My favorite part of class was using the apple pencils and keynote. I learned that iMovie is a good resource to make things on. I loved 7th hour computers with Miss Bosch.

  9. I met my goal in this class, my goal was 30 wpm now its 29 but that’s close enough. I’m really getting used to using the home row, without this class I would be pecking the keyboard. Now look at me. I definitely would love to continue typing on typing.com. My favorite part of this class was the Keynote/sketch note using the apple pens. The most I got out of the class was relearning how to use the home row. Honestly I thought this was a great class!

  10. This years computer class was cool. When I had first went back to keyboard tying I was slow, but a couple weeks after I was getting better and faster at it. A thing I still want to improve on is remembering the key so that when I do my three minute typings I could get a good score. May favorite part of class was sketch notes because you could learn how to draw better and more tricks on drawing, and my second favorite was the Psalm iMovie that one was fun because you could add a lot of cool things to make it look like the pictures were moving and add music. Hopefully they will do better than me at typing and would learn the keys more than I did.

  11. In the start of keyboarding I wanted to get a 35 words per minute speed, and I did more than just that! I achieved a 42 wpm by the end of the section. Now I can type paragraphs in a matter of minutes, when it used to take me an hour. I need to work on my accuracy, although a 94% is high I would like to achieve a 96% or higher. The only thing that I might have changed during the quarter would be the garage band section. I think we should spend more time on making music to copyright friendly videos rather than finding it online. That way we can glorify God through technology and music. I just absolutely adored the Apple Pencil and keynote section. Combining art and technology was a wonderful idea. I learned how to transfer skills from one website or game to another. Thanks Miss Bosch for a wonderful class of technology.

  12. I believe that my goal for keyboarding is very well to be honest I’m improving very well!

    My goal was 42 WPM and average mostly an 100% or 90%.
    I still need to work on keeping my hands in the middle row, not being free from the row but on top of the middle row. My favorite parts of this class was TYPING.com and also keynote project.

    A cool thing that I did in this class is some of the projects and more that was mostly my favorite thing. A suggestion to improve this class for the seventh graders next year is to make sure you pay attention when Mrs.Bosh is explaining any rules of just explaining what to do for a project.

  13. I have meet my goal, and am very proud of myself! I started at 18 w/minute, and now I can type with 30 w/minute, while looking at the computer screen. What I could work on is not accidentally hitting a button above, or below.My favorite parts of class was definitely the keynote with the Apple pencils. I learned to continue to work hard, because I definitely was not thrilled when I learned that I had to do the typing portion of this class, but I kept at it and dramatically grew! My suggestion is to have a longer keynote/drawing app on the iPads segment.

  14. I think that during this time my typing has gotten a lot better. I didn’t really have much of a goal when we started but I believe I improved from this year when we started and even when we did a couple years ago.
    One thing I need to improve on is typing fast without looking at my hands. When I only look at the screen it takes my forever to type, and when I type fast I always look at my fingers.
    I really enjoyed working with the Apple Pencils. I think that it was really fun and it might have even helped me a little bit with drawing techniques on real paper.
    I learned how to type faster. And I’ve been told multiple times that that is useful in life.
    That somedays they could do typing games instead of the lessons. Because I found that somedays after typing and typing it was really boring and it started getting harder for me to concentrate.

  15. My typing skills got better and faster. At the beginning of the year my speed was 18 wpm with 85 accuracy now its 34 wpm with 90 accuracy. I still need to work on shifting and deleting. My favorite thing was garage band because I like to make music. You should improve next years class by encouraging them more for accuracy, speed, and not looking while typing.

  16. I didn’t exactly meet the goal but I did improve. I started off with 7 words per minute but now I am at 21 words per minute. Becoming faster at typing. I liked the Apple Pencil. I learned that drawing can be easier if you try and put lots of hard work into it. They to be carful with the apple pencils and treat them with care.

  17. My goal at the beginning of keyboarding was to become a faster typer and a smarter typer. At first I din’t have a technique for typing but now I can type efficiently and very quick. My speed was at 11 WPM but it is now at my highest score of 36 WPM.

    My favorite parts of class were garage band and keynote. The selfie drawing on keynote was really cool and notes. I also enjoyed creating music and beats on GarageBand because they sound really cool. I learned some important things about how to correctly use pictures/songs without stealing someone else’s work.
    Thank you Mrs.Bosch!!!

  18. I got past my goal by about ten words per minute for typing. I need to work on not skipping letters that I don’t want to reach in the lesson. My favorite part was doing the Apple Pencil because I like to draw. I learned how to type faster and that helps with essays and just my future in general. Give more time to have free time because non stop typing tires you out and you get stressed.

  19. At the beginning I wanted to be able to type very fast and get very good at not messing up keys. Like I wanted, I got that. I still need improving on hitting the right letters. I really liked the apple pencils. They were more precise and thinner than stylist. The apple pencils also are very easy to draw with, they’re thinner so you get better lines and you can hit stuff very easily. I accomplished sketch noting which was also a good subject, it is helpful to remember and learn stuff. I’d say for typing let them do more tests because it is very helpful.

  20. I guess I got there a couple of times which ,I think isn’t that bad. My speech increased by at least 10 or more wpm and accuracy by at least 5 percent . My speed is something I diffidently want to work on. My favorite thing that we worked on was the Apple Pencil. How to improve and strength my typing skills.

  21. This typing website really helped me improve in my typing with speed. I almost reached my goal which was 20 words/min, by getting to 17words/min. I need to work on my comma and period keys. My favorite part of class was GarageBand and Merge Cubes. I learned how to use iMovie on a computer.

  22. I meet the goal of keyboarding by just to keep trying and to make sure I did it right. My keyboarding improved by keeping going. My speed got way faster the more I memorized were the keys were and my accuracy also got better too. My favorite part of tech class was the keynote, because it was something different and you got to use your creative side. I also enjoyed in Merge Cube, because it was very interesting, the way it popped up on the iPad but looked like it was on the Merge Cube. Something that I learned this year is that you are always are going to mess up in something and that is why it is important that you don’t give up and that you keep trying, because not everything you do is going to turn out perfect. One suggestion I have for the next amazing 7th graders coming is to NOT STRESS. Things might get confusing and complicated, but you have to try your best and give 100% effort into everything you do and also stay positive!

  23. I met my goal that I set in keyboarding by increasing my accuracy and trying a lot faster than I was at the beginning of the semester. My keyboarding improved cause I know a lot of keys by heart instead of me guessing what key it is. My best part of class was the Apple Pencils because it felt really easy to draw and do so many other stuff that you wouldn’t be comfortable with doing with your hands. I learned how to make a iMovie. Something you could do is let people get the rolling chairs more often and let our brakes to be longer.

  24. .I met my goal of over ten wpm

    .I still need to work on getting faster

    .My favorite parts were GarageBand and iMovie

    .An Important thing I learned was how to use the new garage band update.

    .For the next class I would have them do typing first then the rest of the class.


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