6th Grade End of Class Reflection/Evaluation 2018

Sixth graders, please write a comment that includes ALL of the following:

Keyboarding (2 or 3 sentences):

  • How did you do in meeting the goal that you set at the start of class? How did your keyboarding improve?
  • What do you still need to work on improving?
  • What suggestions do you have for keyboarding for 7th grade?

The Rest of the Class (2 or 3 sentences):

  • What were your favorite parts of the class? (Reminder: We started the year doing digital citizenship activities, Google Slides, then Morphi for 3D printing. the Clips video, then making and giving your PowerPoint Devotion video.
  • What important/helpful/interesting/cool thing did you learn or accomplish this semester?
  • Any suggestions to improve this class for sixth graders next year?

This comment is a part of your participation grade for today. Remember to only use your first name.

Thanks for a great semester!  Miss Bosch

61 thoughts on “6th Grade End of Class Reflection/Evaluation 2018

  1. Finished intermidete, I can type faster and correct. Faster typing with out looking. look at the keyboard at the bottom.

  2. I think I did very good with keyboarding. I have noticed a big difference in my typing. I think I need to work on not looking at my hands while I’m typing and I need to work on my accuracy.

  3. I really liked 3d printing in Morpi. The interesting thing that I learned was how to type with the home row. My suggestions for the future generations is never give up to do your best.

    With God’s Love EJ

  4. My typing got better it got faster and more accurate.
    I still need to improve not looking at the keyboard.And typing a little bit faster.
    I think the 7th grade typing should have bigger expectations.

  5. I can type faster without looking. I can type way faster than in the beginning of the school year. Typing without looking. More typing practice.

  6. I think I improved on finding the right keys.I think I need to get faster at typing. I think in 7th grade we could have a little more time in typing games.

  7. My favorite part of class was 3D printing and typing, because I learned something new in both of those subjects.
    I learned how to type using the Home Row, and now I can type more quickly now.
    I suggest that new 6th graders do start typing lessons earlier in class, because typing with the Home Row is important for typing quickly.

  8. Morphi was so fun and cool i loved it. The typing helps a lot. Do the typing you get candy and jeans day.

  9. I really liked typing .it was really fun and interesting. I loved how it was challenges and composition. I also loved the games . I hope we can do it again

  10. I love this class it is the best class. if I had a option to do it agin I would. 3D printing was cool. In typing I was not fast but after the typing lessons I was faster. I hop to get even faster in 7th grade. you should do the typing agin.

  11. At the beginning I didn’t meat the gaol but words the end I got better and better until I meet the goal. I still need to work on my typing speed.You should have 5 minutes of games for fun or on typing games.My favorite thing was 3D printing because it allowed me to be creative.The most important ting I learned is to never give up.I don’t have any sugestions for next years class

  12. My favorite part was when we did morphi Thought that was really fun.I learned how to make a good presentation.I Don’t really have a suggestion.

  13. My favorite part of class would probably be the typing lessons or the morphi design. The typing lessons really help when typing essays. One suggestion is doing games for fun more often.

  14. In keyboarding I learned how to type the right way. I met my goal. Personally i need to work on not looking at my fingers while i type. My favorite part of technology was morphi. I learned how to create things on the computer and how to type the right way.

  15. My typing became much faster than before and I met my Goal by typing more accurately. I need to work on speed. For 7th grade I suggest that we have a longer time to play games. My favorite part of class was when we did 3d life logos. I learned more about editing tricks in the slide show. I suggest that they like what they are doing and in will go much better than if you don’t enjoy it.

  16. I think that I improved my typing by being able to not look at my fingers. So I met my goal. I still need to improve on typing faster. My suggestion for the seventh grade is to not always type like every day. My favorite parts in class was the 3D printing it was really fun. Iv’e learned how to use more websites, typing, and printing. To improve this class we should pay attention to directions so projects wouldn’t take so long.

  17. I need to work on the fingers I only type with two because I do not like tying. I need to just find the right keys but I’m not stuggering anymore.

  18. In my typing I didn’t meet my goal on getting faster at typing. but it was fun. my favorite assignment was the mophi 3D printing project. I liked it because it was my first time using a 3D printer.

  19. My favorite part of technology was 3d printing.My other favorite was the video’s. I learned that you can get better when you put your mind to it.And that you will have other chances.Let them get better chances to accomplish more and have better expectations.

  20. My typing has gotten way better since the beginning
    of the year. I have gotten more accurate and faster. Its very easy now if I’m writing an essay or an assignment. My favorite thing we did this year were our videos we made. Using the clips app was fun. Maybe next year the sixth graders can play some more typing games with the typing.com. Something young people can get really interested into. The keyboarding and typing is really useful. Maybe next year you can get thinner typing skins. The thick ones seem to get some people off on their typing. The powerpoint devotional was also a good learning experience.

  21. I think I need to work on typing and using the home row. I learned where all of the keys are and that helps a lot with typing this right now and also with not looking at the keyboard. I think in 7th grade we could use the game Nitro Type to help because it helps me learn better. My favorite part of class is the Morphi and the Apple pencils. The most helpful I think was the typing. Before I stared typing.com I didn’t have any clue how to type without looking at the keyboard but having the skins they helped me not be able to see the keyboard.

  22. With the keyboarding, which was relatively easy, I was able to meet and surpass my expectations for the speed AND accuracy. My keyboarding speed improved by a whopping 40% average since the start of the year. My record is 140 Words Per Minute! Honestly, a suggestion I have for the 7th graders is, Work on accuracy first- Try again until you get 3 stars. It sure helped me!
    My favorite parts of the entire class were doing Morphi, Clips, and the Powerpoint devotional. The coolest thing I accomplished this semester was getting every single thing 100%! I loved this class, and have no suggestions for change.

  23. I did pretty good on meeting the goal that I set for myself (which was to get a jeans day). I need to improve on being faster at my typing, and when I do go fast I often make mistakes. My favorite parts of class were when we did the 3D printing and the Clips video. Some cool or interesting thing that I learned this year was how to make a 3D printed keychain in Morphi.

  24. I met my goal by being able to type my first and last name. My typing definitely got faster like when I started I could not type my first and last name. One thing I liked was doing the life logos it was really fun. For next year I would definitely do the life logos again.

  25. I meet the goal in typing relatively well, and my typing skills improved a lot because I learned how to use the Home Row.
    I still need to work on improving my typing accuracy and overall speed.
    I suggest that you work on your problem keys to improve your accuracy.

  26. I never expected my self to be able to type and I have gotten better each time we came,I also believe that I can always improve my typing so I can get better and better.I think in he beginning I was good but I got better with each activity! My favorite part in class was the presentations it helped me a better performer when it come to public speaking,I learned a lot of things in the seasons and I think that in morph there are so many ways to create and being creative and expressing your self is important and you have shown me that.I think for sixth grade next year that at the end of there typing unit they could have a dance arty it sounds fun! Thank you Miss Bosch for a great semester I appreciate all you do.

  27. 1.When I reached my goal with I wanted to get a jeans day pass when I completed beginner stage I got a jeans day pass.Whew!. that hard work paid off and thats why I improved myself in technology class to do better. 2.What I’m trying to not do is keep my eyes off the keyboard when I’m typing and I mastered it. 3. more exciting games for typing and more choices. Bottom section.1. the flappy bird game and typing.com.
    And for sixth graders for the upcoming year I would tell them to practice the home row.

  28. my goal at the beginning of the lesson was to get to intermediate and when I started I realized it was going to be harder than it looked but in the end I did get there. My keyboarding increased in speed a lot and I could type with out looking at my fingers. I still am not perfect at typing and I would need to do better as using my pinkies because that was kind of hard. a suggestion I would have for a 7th grader would be to not play the cat dinosaur because it is very hard.

    My favorite thing we did in this class was when we made our life logos in morphi because I thought if was very fun and I thought mine was funny. An important thing I learned in this semester was that you should never share your last name when you write things because it is dangerous. One thing that I think would be better for 6th graders in the future is if we do more presenting because after you actually get up and start it can be fun. I thought this class was really fun and I really liked it.

  29. I tried to be able to type without looking at my fingers all the time. Typing.com really helped me improve my skills. I still need to improve some of my problem keys like I, R, X, and some more. My suggestions for 7th grade typing, I would practice at home with other websites for typing with the home row.
    My favorite time in class was when we did the devotions project. I really enjoyed doing that project. I learned more things about how to make an amazing power point. I really enjoyed this semester. Thank you Mrs. Bosch.

  30. In keyboarding my I became much better at typing and completed my goal.My ‘t’s still needs to be worked on. For 7th grade you should work on getting more accurate.

    My favorite part of class was doing the google slides. I learned how to crop images. When you do typing you might want to be the fastest, but you need the best accuracy together the best scores

  31. I improved very well in my typing like not looking down at my hands. I still need to work on using the shift button while typing. I suggest we do typing at the beginning of the year. My favorite part of this class was creating the morphy keychains that was my favorite project of the year. One thing I learned is you can use photos from the internet. I suggest that we can have a shower unit of typing.

    Sincerely Laurice,

  32. What I learned in keyboarding was how to use my fingers for the right keys. Also I’m typing faster and more accurate.


    The funnest part about computer class was Morphi 3D printing It showed me how creative I can be! The second best thing was PowerPoint devotions it showed me some bible verses I didn’t know about till now.

  33. In keyboarding I learned how to type faster and I completed my goal by a lot. I need to work on my “x”s a little. For 7th grade we could work on accuracy and speed.

    My favorite part of class was Morphi for 3D printing. I learned how to 3D print and to have patience with technology. Possibly after every class they could say how many lessons they got done, then the 2 people with the highest scores would get the “thrones” or a piece of candy.

  34. I did well in meeting my goal.I meet my goal.I improved with my typing .I need to work on typing faster .My favrite part of 6th grade is the 3D printing.
    My suggestion is add more working with partners.

  35. I did very good on my goal for typing, by not looking at my keyboard as much as I use to. Also, I got 18 WPM for my typing, which my goal was in between 15 and 20.

    For some suggestions for next year, think we should do more coding. My favorite part of this class was doing the presentations for the Devotions because all students got to express themselfves more.

  36. I think I really improved in typing in the home row. I think it got easier after a while and I got used to it. I think I need to work on typing faster and more accurate. My favorite part of class was when I was doing garage band. I accomplished typing better on keyboards.

  37. During the semester I noticed that my keyboard skills got better I remember when I used to look down at the keys and type slow. I see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned at home I practice type seeing how I can get better.

  38. In technology class this semester I accomplished my goal by reaching the intermediate level. I still need to work on my accuracy, but my speed and knowledge of the keys has improved. For 7th grade I want to work on finishing the advanced level.
    My favorite class project was the Fruit of the Spirit devotion powerpoint. I learned how to make gradient backgrounds, and space things correctly. I really enjoyed this class in the 1st semester. Thank you Miss Bosch.

  39. I think I did good with typing because I got to intermediate. Before I did this typing class I typed with my fingers, now I can type ok. I need to work on typing faster. Seventh graders should practice typing. My favorite part of class was making the life logo keychains. I liked learning how to make 3D designs in Morphi. I think Mrs. Bosch should have a thing where if you get a certain amount of good points you get a free day.

  40. I definitely met my goal in typing this year. I improved on my accuracy. Although one thing I might need to work on is my speed. What kept me motivated was definitely the jeans passes! I thought it was a great reward. My one suggestion for seventh grade typing is having more frequent breaks. Maybe about every fifteen to twenty minutes or so. My favorite project we did this year was definitely Morphi 3D Printing because we had more freedom and got to be creative. During this semester, I learned how to 3D print, how to properly do a slideshow. One cool thing I learned l is how to type with all of my fingers and using home-row. I suggest to encourage future 6th graders even more than this year.

  41. I improved with my speed and accuracy, and I did achieve my goal of getting to intermediate . Finger angles because sometimes I have the wrong angle. I don’t have any suggestions it was a great program. My favorite project was the devotion slide show. I enjoyed it because I used power point. Also I have no suggestions.


  42. I did not reach my goal because I underestimated how challenging keyboarding would be but I did improve over the past few weeks. I think I could improve on my typing speed. I suggest that we have another website to use to practice at home without having to restart a lesson in school. One of my most favorite activities was the 3D printing because I have never done it before. Best and most improved thing that I have done was the typing because I now know where every letter is by heart. But again I think it would be better if we could do it at home.

  43. I improved my accuracy which was my goal. I need to work on my speed and being accurate with typing. My favorite class assignment was the clips video project . It was fun to learn how to make a video. One suggestion I have to improve the 6th grade class next year is that they would be able to work more with coding.

  44. I really enjoyed typing this year, and I definitely improved. My goal was just to improve my typing with accuracy and speed. I still need to do a little bit better with accuracy. For 7th grade I just want to keep up my hard work.

    My favorite part of class was making our bible slides. I learned how to make a good slide and how to become a better presenter. I think for 6th graders next year we should make more slides and present them. I learned a lot in this class and it was really fun.

  45. I really enjoyed the typing since it was really competitive. We were able to get candy after we completed a lesson. For 7th grade I am going to try to work way harder to more accuracy and not just type faster but type fast and get it correct and Mrs. Bosch encouraged me to do that.

    My favorite part of the class would actually be the typing. I especially liked how we had a scoreboard to see who was in 1st place and to see who needed to work on typing. Typing was really competitive for this class.

  46. This year I learned a lot of cool stuff. One of my favorite projects that we did was the keychains. We went on Morphi and came up with cool ideas for a keychains. My second favorite project was the Bible references. We did nice Presentations and they came out great. Thank you Miss Bosch for everything.

  47. I met my goal. I can type without looking down. Also I really liked being able to customize. I would like if next year there can be more thrones (comfy chairs). I loved the 3d printing. It was vary fun, I would love to be able to listen to music more it was fun during typing. When we printed it was awesome making a video about it.

  48. My goal for typing was to be able to type without looking at the keyboard while using homerow, I achieved my goal. I would like to work on my speed without looking at the keyboard while using homerow. For me everything involving typing was fine. My favorite activity in Technology was the Power Point Devotions. This semester I accomplished making a 3D figure. Think everything was fine.

  49. During typing I learned that accuracy is before speed it really helps with speed if you know the keys first.That’s what helped me with speed, getting all three stars helps with speed some key might feel weird but once you get used to it you”ll be good at it. So my conclusion is : don’t try to be the fastest in the class but the most accurate.

    My personal favorite was the Morphi project. It was very fun making my own design
    I was basically free to do anything that came to my mind. Also, the devotion was fun presenting to my classmates about the word of God was a fun experience.


  50. My goal in tis class was to type better and I reached that goal. And I see how practice really does make perfect and typing.com really showed me how to type.

  51. I practiced everything I thought I was not good at multiple times. Now I feel more confident in my typing, and I can write longer sentences without looking at my fingers. I still need to work on some keys. I think that after we finish this class we’ll go back to looking at our fingers, so I think that the orange skins are okay but kids would be better off if the orange skins had indentations. My favorite part of this class was the powerpoint devotion. I thought it was cool that in Morphi I could make my drawings three dimensional. I don’t have any suggestions, it was great!

  52. I accomplished my goal by knowing were the keys are and learning how to type faster. Still would like to improv my speed some more. In 7th grade I would like to have some more different typing games to play. My favorite thing this year was the clips video. next year I would think people would like to have a little more fun time.

  53. Yes I meet my goal. Know I the how to type the home row. My typying speed improved. Say that theres bigger prizes.
    My favorite thing in this class is 3d printing. Learn was coding. I think that you should teach them coding.

  54. My favorite part of this class was creating life logos on morphi I like that we can be creative and make something of our on. I also liked how on The Middle Pages we created tutorials.

  55. I think my goal was really good. In the beginning of 6th grade I didn’t think I was going to do good but my thinking was terrible. I improved in my typing a lot. I’m proud of it, and I’m proud of myself. I need to improve in my speed a little bit but otherwise I improved. I would improve doing my presentations a little. Then I did was kinda of bad. Next year I will be ready

  56. My typing got so much better from this class, but I still need to work on my speed. I really don’t look down when Im typing. My favorite class was the 3D printing. Thank you Miss Bosch.

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