Welcome to Multimedia Tech Class 2018

Hello students! In a few days, we will be setting up your own personal blog. We will be using blogging and commenting to set goals, to gather feedback from classmates and others, and to evaluate and reflect upon our work. To get started, we will use my tech blog.

Leave a comment of at least 3 sentences, telling:

  • What is something you enjoy doing with technology (at home or at school)?
  • What are one or two things you would like to learn, improve, or do in tech class this year?
  • What is something you would like me to know about yourself?

Remember, when posting online:

  • No last names. No personal info.
  • Use your best sentences, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Be sure that everything you post is kind, intelligent, and God-honoring!

When your comment has posted, you may look through the blog at past projects and videos.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Multimedia Tech Class 2018

  1. I really enjoy searching things of Google and I also enjoy watching music videos. I would really like to do the life lessons again. It was so much fun making those videos. I would also like to program the spheres again. Something I would like you to know about me is I will try my best in this class and I will go above your expectations.

  2. On technology I like to research history or things I never knew before, I always like to search up fun facts. This year I will improve my home-row typing by not stoping it and I will like to learn more about making blogs. I know a lot about history and Egyptians, I am able to name more than 11 Egyptian gods.

  3. At home I really enjoy using technology to draw and play games.
    Two things I would like to improve on would be 3d printing and digital art.
    Something I would like for you to know is that I enjoy computers.

  4. I enjoy using technology to play games. I’d like to use spheres and maybe do some more life lessons on clips. I use technology a lot at home.

  5. At home I enjoy looking up new places in the world and searching new things in history. At school I like using the iPads. I would like to improve in using functions to do certain things and to type a little better. Something you would like to know about me is that I like learning new languages (Even though I only speak English). I am learning Chinese and Spanish.

  6. At home I I really enjoy using tech to create and learn new and fun stuff.
    Honestly, I enjoy doing EVERYTHING involving technology, but the main two things I would like to improve upon would be my 3D printing skills and ability to manipulate technology in general. One thing I would like you to know about me is the fact that I want to work at DARPA when I am an adult.

  7. I enjoy recreating story settings in various drawing apps, and other creative apps such as Minecraft. I love using apple pencils and stop motion. I recently made a Harry Potter stop motion movie out of legos. I would love to do a biome project in Minecraft. We could add animals, trees, and food so that an actual animal could live in the biome we created. Another project I loved was the merge cubes. I think the merge cube is a wondrous invention, and it is very educational.I would also like to do a stop motion out of characters and buildings we made using 3D printing. I love technology. I have been using my entire life and getting to know more about what the internet and technology can do for us is an honor and privilege. Thanks for teaching this class Ms. Bosch.

  8. Something I like to do with technology is to program or make music. I like using things like Garage Band or Swift Playgrounds. I would like to improve on my songs in garage band. Also I would like to create more custom and complex music. There is nothing I can think of that you would not know about me.

  9. At home I play games, I use my launchpad from time to time, and talk with some of my old friends. Me and my friends use game to talk with each other when we are not at school. I would like to improve on my line coding.

  10. 1.one thing I love to do with technology is to read the constitution and declaration of independence and the books I get on my HD8.
    2. one thing I want to learn is as I mentioned java script I find it interesting and want to understand how it works and how to use it another I want to learn is how to transfer pictures from not a phone or iPad but from an actual camera.
    3.I like understanding things and how they work along with what they contribute to life.

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