Assignments for Beginning of February

Hi students. My stepmom passed away peacefully on Wednesday night. I’d appreciate your prayers for my family and especially my dad.

Here is a what I expect you to be working on:

1) Work on your African American Hero Portrait Project. Follow the directions on the worksheet. Be creative! If you were absent when I introduced the project, please read through the directions sheet and you may ask questions of a classmate if you need more details. Don’t use Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks – I want you to find someone that you maybe don’t know all about. **Please talk to your sub to see if they approve the person that you pick to be an appropriate example from a Christian context. It should be a person who is no longer living and has a legacy.

Here is a video to watch if you are looking for ideas or just to get some background on what we celebrate this month:

**Be sure to watch the tutorials below for help using Keynote if needed, expecially if you have never used Keynote to draw or to show you how to set up the portraits!

2) Finish working on editing your selfie portraits if needed using the photo apps – minimum of 3, you may do more. (Gioni, I think you were absent when we did this. I have the worksheet for you. Ask a classmate to explain, if needed.)

3) If done with the above: Photo or Drawing project or projects of your choice. (You must be working on one or more of these things, not just messing around, I will be checking to see what you did.)

  • Animating your African American Hero Portrait it Keynote.
  • Making another portrait, drawing, or sketchnote of your choice in Keynote
  • Doing a project from the Everyone Can Create Photo or Drawing ebooks on your iPad.
  • I am looking for detailed and skilled work, not just messing around!

If you have a question, please leave it in the comments on this post and I will try to get back to you for the next day with a reply.