3D Selfie Portraits

The Middle School students have been working on a project where they creatively edited a selfie using a variety of apps. Our final challenge was to use Keynote to create a design that could be transformed into 3D using the Morphi app.

Students needed to add shapes/symbols from Keynote into their design to represent different parts of themselves.

Once the pieces of the design were completed in Keynote, students exported their images to their photos on their iPad. Then students used the Morphi app to transform them into 3D. They combined them together with shapes in Morphi to make a stand for their design. Then their designs were printed on our Dremel 3D printers. Students went through several iterations of their designs, adjusting sizing and layers as needed.

Below you can see more examples of how the designs in Keynote were transformed into 3D.

We really enjoyed this project. It added a new twist to how students could imagine making a selfie! Here is a link to the students’ posts in Kidblog where they share about their process and learning through this project!