7th Grade Sketchnotes 2019

After having completed our #EveryoneCanSketchnote interactive workbook in Keynote last week, students made a sketchnote using our Apple Pencils and either the Keynote or Tayasui Sketches School apps. They were very focused as they worked to turn information from their science or social studies textbooks into pictures.

Here is a gallery of the student sketchnotes. Click on the image to view a larger size.

Students loved using our Apple Pencils. Here were some comments they made on a self-evaluation survey after finishing our unit:

“I like how you can get more detailed and it always looks better than your finger.”

“My fingers are really unsteady, so this helps me draw straighter lines. I also can draw in more detail.”

“I learned that you can get very detailed and that it is more fun to draw on an iPad rather on paper.”

“I learned that I can be good at art.”

When students finished their sketchnote, they had a choice of activities using the Apple Pencils. Quite a few students used a tracing trick in Keynote to create self portraits.

Other students worked on some of the drawing lessons using the Shadow Draw app.


They also explored creating with pixels using the New Pixels app.

I loved seeing the variety of ways the students showed that #EveryoneCanCreate using our Apple Pencils!

Our Apple Pencils Have Arrived!

We have been blessed by the MACUL organization (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning), who awarded us a grant which has allowed us to purchase 14 Apple Pencils. Students in grades K – 8 will be using the Apple Pencils with our iPads to draw, design, annotate, animate, and much more as they work on creative projects throughout the year. We are very excited to now have 26 Apple Pencils so every student can have one to use (and not have share like we did last year)!

We already are busy using the Apple Pencils. Our seventh graders have been working through this interactive Everyone Can Sketchnote workbook. Check back to see examples of some of the amazing work that they are going to be creating.

6th Grade Cyber Citizenship Videos using Adobe Spark Video

We are off to a great start in our sixth-grade technology class. Students have just finished our first unit. After watching some videos on cyber citizenship issues, students worked (either alone or with a partner) to develop a  video of their own using the Adobe Spark Video app. Their video needed to share a message about ways to honor God by being responsible, safe, and smart when using technology. Each video needed to include text, images, and audio recording. The videos are turning out great! Over the next few days, I will be working to get the completed videos posted onto our class blog.

(Note: I’ve just started posting them – more are coming, it takes a while to get everything uploaded!)

7th Psalm Videos September 2019

Over the past few weeks, the seventh-grade students have been creating videos based on words from a verse from the Psalms. After learning about Creative Commons Copyright, students used copyright friendly websites to find images and music for their video. They then used iMovie to add the photos, used the Ken Burns effect to add movement to the still images, and then added titles, credits, and music. This is always one of my favorite projects – the videos are beautiful and truly reflect God’s creation.

Below are posted the videos that had no proofreading mistakes. (I will post additional videos as students make corrections.)

Sixth Graders at Work in Tech Class

The 6th graders have been busy at work creating Cyber Citizenship Videos using the Adobe Spark Video app. They have been combining text, images, and audio recording to share a positive message about being God honoring, safe, and smart when using technology. Student worked either individually or with a partner to create their video. Here are some photos of the students at work. I will be publishing the student videos soon in a separate blog post! They turned out amazing!

The students also have been working in GarageBand to compose their own music!

7th – Copyright Resources 9/19

Here are the links we will use for this lesson:

Video about Creative Commons and Copyright

Music Websites:

Purple Planet



These are some examples of the Psalm videos that we will be creating:

Psalm Videos October 2018

Psalm Videos December 2018

Psalm Videos November 2016

Psalm Videos September 2016

Psalm Videos November 2015

Psalm Videos September 2015

Photo Websites:

Learning Links Clip Art/Photos – scroll down to the section on Copyright Friendly Photos and use the ones that are labeled 7th