7th Grade Sketchnotes 2019

After having completed our #EveryoneCanSketchnote interactive workbook in Keynote last week, students made a sketchnote using our Apple Pencils and either the Keynote or Tayasui Sketches School apps. They were very focused as they worked to turn information from their science or social studies textbooks into pictures.

Here is a gallery of the student sketchnotes. Click on the image to view a larger size.

Students loved using our Apple Pencils. Here were some comments they made on a self-evaluation survey after finishing our unit:

“I like how you can get more detailed and it always looks better than your finger.”

“My fingers are really unsteady, so this helps me draw straighter lines. I also can draw in more detail.”

“I learned that you can get very detailed and that it is more fun to draw on an iPad rather on paper.”

“I learned that I can be good at art.”

When students finished their sketchnote, they had a choice of activities using the Apple Pencils. Quite a few students used a tracing trick in Keynote to create self portraits.

Other students worked on some of the drawing lessons using the Shadow Draw app.


They also explored creating with pixels using the New Pixels app.

I loved seeing the variety of ways the students showed that #EveryoneCanCreate using our Apple Pencils!

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