6TH Grade End of Class Reflection/Evaluation

Sixth graders, please write one comment that includes ALL of the following:

Keyboarding (2 or 3 sentences):

  • How did you do in meeting the goal that you set at the start of class? How did your keyboarding improve?
  • What do you still need to work on improving?
  • What suggestions do you have for keyboarding for 7th grade?

The Rest of the Class (2 or 3 sentences):

  • What were your favorite parts of the class? (Reminder: We started the year doing digital citizenship activities, making Adobe Spark Digital Citizenship Videos, then Morphi for 3D printing, then making and giving your PowerPoint Devotion video.
  • What important/helpful/interesting/cool thing did you learn or accomplish this semester?
  • Any suggestions to improve this class for sixth graders next year?

This comment is a part of your participation grade for today. Remember to only use your first name.

Thanks for a great semester!  Miss Bosch

51 thoughts on “6TH Grade End of Class Reflection/Evaluation

  1. I did met my goal by making it to the last level. I need more work on not looking at the keyboard while I type. We should have the game break for the rest of the class instead of only having 5 min. We typed for 30 mis that is a lot of time our eyes may start hurting and we may get tired. My favorite part of this class was making the keychains. The cool things ar that when we made the key chains.

  2. I did fairly well in meeting my goal. It really helped me greatly improve my accuracy and speed. I still need to improve my speed.

    My favorite part of class was doing Morphi for 3D printing because I got to be creative. I learned all about the helpful skill of typing and I learned how to use a lot of cool technology.

  3. I got a lot of improvement on my accuracy and speed, but it still needs some work. I think 7th grade will be fun if we do it the same way. I loved the 3d printing and learned a lot of cool tricks for 3d. I think that this class would be good the same way.

  4. I really did not like the typing but I did like how we got stuff and its think that was cool how you dfid.

  5. The keyboarding this year was very fun because I did meet me goal. I can type fast without looking down. Next year I hope to speed up even more.

    My favorite part of the class was our PowerPoint. It was fun to design the slides and present them.

  6. Typing was really fun. It helped me grow and typed faster. I really appreciate this Ms. Bosh. Now I can get my homework done faster. I would make sure for next year they have more fun games. The games were very plain and they could be better.

  7. I felt like I met my goal. I got to advance in typing and I am almost done. My favorite thing to do was the fruit of spirit project. I was also thinking that maybe next time we should do more projects before we do typing.

  8. Yes I met my goal. My goal was to get better a typing. I definetly got better at typing. My favorite thing was making the adobe spark video. I had so much fun with Joshua. I think if you gave the kids a litte longer break they would like that.

  9. I improved my typing speed. I think you can do something with the whole class. I enjoyed the fruit of the spirit thing. I think you do not need to change anything.

  10. I believe I need to improve my speed on typing in home row. In 7th grade, I think it would be better if we had better candy choices. An awesome thing I learned this year is how to 3D print in Morphi. I also think that 6th grade next year may want better candy too. Maybe more choices than just candy as well

  11. I am so close to my goal. I mean there is always time, and space for improvement. I suggest that we would have more games days after we type to have break.

    My favorite parts of class were typing, because of the rewards we get for doing something so simple makes me happy, and by making the devotional powerpoint to show you know how to find or just know information. For the sixth graders maybe it should be more learning instead of on your own so they get the jist.

  12. For typing I need to work on memorizing the numbers and other things. I am pretty good with the letters but I still need to work on my speed and the bottom row. I still enjoy typing, but if we do it a lot it starts to become a little less fun. But I love how we get prizes. It encourages me to get things done.

  13. I think I exceeded my own expiations. I still need to work on the e,r,u,i, and o keys. I think you should make a longer break time after the typing. My favorite part of class was making the Adobe Spark Digital Citizenship Videos. I also liked the Morphi 3D printing.

  14. Hey Ms Bosch! I reached my goal of typing using all of my fingers. I messed up sometimes but I pushed through. My favorite part of this year in technology class is doing my life logo. My least favorite part was the powerpoint presentation. NOT DOING IT, just presenting it to the rest of the class.

  15. I met my goal pretty fast. All I wanted to do was get a hundred percent on something.
    My favorite part of the class was the keychain. I really got to express my art skills, and my imagination.

  16. Tying was ok at first I didn’t want to do at all. After I got used to it it helped me understand how not to type with on finger and to use the home-row .It was really fun doing 3d printing because I gave my dog that made to my mom and she was really proud of me. One thing I think you can do to make tying better is that you could lessen the time.

  17. Something That I love that you do when we type is you play christain music! I is really relaxing and it helps me type better! I really suggest that you keep doing that! I have really improved in my typing a lot! I also suggest to keep giving jeans day because that really pushes us to work hared to get them.

    One of my favorit projects was at the begging of the year when we did the cyber bulliing videos! I love when we work with partners, it helps me work better.

  18. I got to my goal by the end of class. My typing improved a lot when I stared typing.com. I still need help on improving my B’s, V’s, and C’s. I suggest that they should have what type of letters and words you want to type in the lesson. My favorite parts about the class were the typing unite ,the fruit of the sprite presentation, and the morphi 3d printing. The important/helpful/interesting/cool thing that I learned this semester was pre algebra. I think a day out of one month to play games.

  19. One way how my typing Improved is by using the home row. One thing I need to work is my speed.

    I liked when we did the adobe spark project. I also liked when we presented are projects.

  20. I liked it when we did the Adobe Spark video with a partner. I liked how we got to make it our own and choose what kind of thing we wanted to do with it. I also liked how we got some independence and got to go off on our own with our partner and do what we wanted with it.

  21. I think this was an amazing class and I want nothing to change in here.I loved typing and earning new avatars.My favorite part was making my 3d key chain and typing on typing.com.The only thing I would want to improve in this class is for everyone to have a great time in this classroom next year.

  22. I fill like typing is not something that comes easy for me so the skins really helped me improve. one thing that i’m quit proud of is moving on to intermediate because in 4th grade when we did typing i was very upset with my capability to type but this really helped.
    Another project i really enjoyed was the addobe sparks video. i enjoyed this because you were able to work with a partner. One thing i would chang about this class is i would like to do more group projects, but over all i loved this class.


  24. My goal was to type without looking and I did that for sure. Out of everything we used this is the best and you should use with the younger kids

    For sure my favorite part of class was 3D printing it was a great experience. I hope she improved for next year class. My only problem was the camera which I do is out of control. It was a great app.

  25. I kind of met my goal of typing with both hands, I still peck at the keys. I need to work on typing with both hands. I am suggesting that you maybe make it more fun somehow.

    My favorite thin that I learned is the 3D printing. One thing I liked to learn is the power point. I don’t have any suggestions for you but, this was a fun class.

  26. I kind of met my goal of typing with both hands, I still peck at the keys. I need to work on typing with both hands. I am suggesting that you maybe make it more fun somehow.

    My favorite thin that I learned is the 3D printing. One thing I liked to learn is the power point. I don’t have any suggestions for you but, this was a fun class.

  27. I think that my typing improved a lot since the beginning of the year. Originally, I typed using two fingers, but now, I can type efficiently using both of my hands and correct fingering. I really liked the program that we used; it helped me a lot!
    My favorite project that we did was probably the Adobe Spark video. It was really fun! (I want to do it again!)

  28. I think that the typing was useful and the skins were okay.
    I also think It was cool to incorporate typing games.

    I think that the class was cool and it was nice to with presentation.
    And garageband.

  29. The typing was kinda fun. I got to my goal of finishing beginner level. I think it was helpful because my typing improved. I think my favorite project was the first one we did. It was the Adobe Spark video thing. That was fun as well.

  30. I would like to have done more adobe spark. I like the adobe spark project.

    I did meet my goal and I will keep typing

  31. I really liked the typing al lot. Me and Gabby were kinda racing though. And the over all class was really good. The part that I liked the most was the slide show. I really liked that we got to present.

  32. I really liked the typing projects and games. My favorite part was when I level up the guy.

    Another project I liked was the presention. Was hard but fun and it made me nervios

  33. Everything here in technology was great. Doing our divisional slide show in the class was so much fun for me. I loved the typing website it was so much fun. I learned so much. I don’t usually have to look at my key board. Then theres the 3d printing I made a present for the twins with it. It took a lot of work but eventually I got it. In all of this I have to say I loved this class. I can’t wait to do this class again in 7th grade. I have no complaints.

  34. Typing was fun and i improved a lot my dad when he went to a class like this he was the only boy in his class cause they thought it was a good thing but he had 69wpm and he was like the top in his class.i think I would sugest this to another 7th grader if they are like not that good but other than that it’s there choice

    all the stuff in tech class was great so yeah 3d printing was fun to so see ya!!!!!!!!!!

  35. My keyboarding has very much improved since we started. I learned to type with all of my fingers. I liked the devotion project because we got make it and present. One cool thing I learned this semester is how to make a devotion from Powerpoint. If we hadn’t we done that project I would’ve never learned how to make a devotion.

  36. Keyboarding was really fun. I got to advanced in it too. I also am on level 3. My favorite part of typing was the themes that we had the level up versions of them were amazing too! Some things I would like them to add are more levels and more themes that would make this typing website even better.

  37. Something I need to improve on is I is to improve on typing with the numbers on the top row. My suggestion is that we have a little more breaks while typing and what I mean by this is give are selves a second to just stand up and just wiggle are hands or something. My favorite part of class was when we did the Adobe Spark Digital Citizenship Video I liked that we got to work with partners that we chose. An important thing that I accomplished was to become a better typer.

  38. I think I met the goal that I had. My keyboarding skills improved because now I can type without looking at the keyboard and pretty fast. My favorite part of class was making the Adobe Spark Citizenship Videos. One helpful thing that I learned is how to be safe online.

  39. My goal for keyboarding was to get to advanced by the end of the tech class. I got to advanced! my other goal was to learn the keys and practice them so that in seventh grade I would not have a lot of trouble. In seventh grade we should do our problem keys more. My favorite part of this class was making the Adobe Spark video it was really unmaking a video about the internet and what not to do on it.

  40. At the start of the year I wanted to be able to type without looking at my keyboard,Now I can type with both hands and still be able to type without looking. Sometimes I want to look at my keyboard and it is hard to resist the urge.My favorite part of technology was when we worked on group projects. I learned more typing skills. I think we should do more group projects.

  41. I learned to type with all of my fingers, and I learned how to type faster and more confident. I really enjoyed typing and all of the things that came with it for example, I’ve had plenty of trials and errors along the way and had much fun seeing my friends RAGE when they failed.

    My favorite part of this class was the oral presentation. It was really enjoyable getting compliments from my classmates after my presentation. They were really nice about it.

  42. I had wanted to have learned how to type with the bottom row at the end of keyboarding, and I did. I have learned a lot during typing classes but I think I still need to work on the numbers. My favorite thing we did in this class was designing our 3D keychains. I learned how to use the Morphi and Adobe Spark apps. I enjoyed this class.

  43. My goal for keyboarding was to do good on it. I was doing good on it but I could improve. I needed to work on typing faster.

    My favorite part of this class was the morphi 3d printing. This semester I accomplished better typing.

  44. What I improve was memorizing the home row. What I need to work on for typing is to try to not look at my fingers, and the keyboard on typing.com.

    My favorite part of class was the Morphi for 3D printing because I got to learn new skill and new things. It was really fun. It was hard at some points, but the videos really helped.

  45. I know my typing improved because I feel a lot more comfortable with the home row and my fingers seem too know where the keys are better. I think a way to improve this program is to give a jeans day to anyone who got all the stars on all the lessons. The reason I think this is important is because at the begining I was really focused on getting all the stars, but soon I saw I could get more jeans days by being okay with one or two stars. This bothered me because you seemed more focused on accuracy than speed. I really enjoyed making the video with Adobe Spark, because I thought it was something that was useful as well as fun and creative.

  46. One thing I still need to improve with in typing is accuracy with the numbers. It is hard to reach up my fingers and touch the numbers. A suggestion I have for seventh grade is that we do competitions and maybe each week you could set a different goal. Like maybe one week you could say the person who is most accurate gets a jeans day. Other than keyboarding, my favorite part of technology was doing the powerpoint project. I had fun sharing my work with the class and I had fun making my slides. A cool thing that I accomplished this semester was becoming familiar with making slides and I realized that they were really fun. I have no suggestions because this class was perfectly fun!

  47. I think typing.com was a good way for me to learn how to type some people were better than others at first but in the end every one was really good. the best part of the class for me was when we started the typing I couldn’t type at all but now that we finished I am great!!!

  48. In keyboarding, my goal was to try to stop looking at the keys all the time when I type. I think I am improving and typing.com was a real help to me. I am getting much better at typing and I hope I will be even better next year. My favorite part of the class was when we did the Adobe Spark Digital Citizenship Videos. It was a lot of fun since you got to work with partners and we got to put our minds together to make an awesome video. I refreshed my memory on how to do the Morphi 3d printing. One suggestion I have maybe you could have more fun projects for the 6th graders next year.

  49. I need to work on how fast I type. I want to know if our grade is based on how fast we type. The 3d printing unit. To learn how to type faster ( my old school didn’t teach us that.)

  50. Computer class this year was great! I enjoyed typing a lot! I improved so much! The website was great and the skins were a brilliant idea. They made a big difference. I liked how everyone did it independently at their own pace. I thought that the prizes were good because it gave you something to work towards. I also enjoyed how Miss Bosch played music while we typed, and we could submit song recommendations. Typing this year was great, and I am excited to pick it back up next year.
    I liked the different projects this year that we did. I enjoyed how we could all pick our own thing to 3D print and how we got to design it on our own. Miss Bosch gives us a lot of freedom and opportunities to be creative. I also liked making those videos. The slideshows were fun too! I liked how she did the example slideshow of what not to do.
    Miss Bosch is a great computer teacher and I like her a lot. she is very creative and comes up with a lot of fun projects. Probably the only thing I would change is the instructions. I like the videos, but sometimes it is harder when she explains it to us up front for a long time, and then we have to do it. It would be easier if she explained it, but also wrote it on the board do that I know what do and if I forget I can look. It is harder for me to learn by hearing. I think the checklists with instructions on them are also really helpful. Thank you for a great year Miss Bosch!

  51. My speed increased in my keyboarding skills. Although, I would like to improve my accuracy. I achieved my goal of getting in the top three out of the class. I need to work on improving my accuracy in a way.
    My favorite project was the iMovie project. I liked it because it I was able to be more creative with more objects to use. Something important I learned was to use my creativity in a good way.

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