7th Grade End of Quarter Reflection/Evaluation 12/19

Seventh graders, please write a comment that includes ALL of the following:

Keyboarding (2 or 3 sentences):

  • How did you do meeting the goal that you set at the start of keyboarding? How did your keyboarding improve?
  • What do you still need to work on improving?

The Rest of the Class (2 or 3 sentences):

  • What were your favorite parts of the class? (Reminder: GarageBand, Merge Cubes, Apple Pencil and Sketchnotes Workbook in Keynote, Mythbusters Sketchnotes, Psalm iMovie)
  • What important/helpful/interesting/cool thing did you learn or accomplish this semester?
  • Any suggestions to improve this class for seventh graders’ next class?

This comment is a part of your participation grade for today. Remember to only use your first name.

Thanks for a great semester!  Miss Bosch

25 thoughts on “7th Grade End of Quarter Reflection/Evaluation 12/19

  1. It was okay I did not like the drawing part of the quarter. But I did improve in typing this year u finished beginner!

  2. I met the goal for keyboarding, it was to finish the keyboarding and I did. It was hard, but I got through it. I really enjoyed the Merge Cube it was fun because it was in 3D. The only thing about it that can emprove is not having to hold the cube and the iPad for so long. To pass this class all you have to do is follow directions and do the work!

  3. I accomplished my typing goal. My typing got very good. It’s accurate and I think I’m pretty fast. I still need to improve my accuracy with some letters. My favorite part of the class was the keynote. I learned how to draw on an iPad and how to use a merge cube. I didn’t like garage band, I think we did that for too long and it got boring.

  4. I liked doing Merge Cubes. I liked the maze part of it.
    I did pretty well at typing. I am pleased with myself for beating advanced. Just take the class seriously and you well.

  5. I learned the home row and I got faster. Accuracy and speed.

    My favorite part was merge cube. A helpful thing I learn was sketchnotes. I would start typing earlier and do more fun stuff for them to learn.

  6. I liked garage band and that’s pretty it! The class wasn’t really too exciting it’s the same thing each year so changes being made could potentially make the class better! I mean were still kids were not going to be completely silent and we want trendy things incorporated into class!

  7. I met my goal just how I wanted to but I wish I was better at typing numbers. Also to get better at memorizing the keyboard. My favorite parts of the class was typing.com because that was where I had my goal at I also liked garage band. I learned all the stuff you can do on sketchbooks. The only thing I would change is that work book in Keynote that could have been shorter thats pretty much it.

  8. Keyboarding:
    I completed my goal by getting 40 wpm, and for my improvement I would like to improve on the numeric keyboard.
    Rest of the year:
    My favorite part was doing nitro type with head on head typing.
    I made it on the top 3 speed for typing.
    Suggestions: more music variety.

  9. I did really good meeting the goal of typing, my keyboarding improved a lot. I think I still need to work on typing the right letters. My favorite part of this class was GarageBand. I learned how to use keynote this semester I had never used it before. I think having a group project would have probably made this class better this, is my suggestion to improving this course.

  10. I liked doing Merge Cube. I liked the maze part. I did pretty well at typing. I’m pleased with myself for beating advanced.

  11. I passed the “Advanced” stage on the typing. I would like to improve on not looking at my fingers as much when I type. The Merge Cubes were cool and I would use those again. Using the Merge Cubes more would be fun because there have different games and activities to do with them. I feel as If the 3 minute timings could be on Wednesdays and Fridays to see improvement instead of everyday.

  12. The goal that I set for keyboarding went really well, and I even got above what I wanted. My improvement is maybe that I could get better accuracy when I’m typing. One of my favorite things to do in class was the merge cube and the Appel pencil. I learned a lot about different techniques about using the Apple Pencil. For next year you could create different projects using the Appel pencils.

  13. I met the goal by typing faster with my accuracy and WPM making a HUGE difference. I barely had to look down at the keyboard to type sentences.
    I need to improve on my accuracy because I can type fast but I always mess up.

  14. At the beginning of the typing unit I started out at 16 WPM, but though out this course I have end up with high score of 27. I grew in speed and memorization. I still need to work on accuracy, because it is a little low.
    My favorite part of class was when we got to do the sketch note. I loved how we could creatively format our note and ideas in a way that was pleasing to the eye. I learned how to use an apple pencil, we did use it before, but this we really dove in and tested more of its abilities out. The only thing I would say to improve was the sketch note explanations, I would have probably had more advanced penmanship if you had demonstrated how to write some of the more advanced fonts.

  15. At the beginning of typing I didn’t meet my goal in speed. Towards the middle I started to get faster and I improved my speed a lot. I still need to work on my accuracy. My favorite part of this class was the Apple Pencil and sketch notes. This year I accomplished typing fast without looking. I suggest longer typing breaks because some people get bored and tired.

  16. I think I did well in typing, because I type with home row now, and I didn’t before. I also think I did well because I started this year as intermediate and now I’m almost done with advanced. I surly gotten faster in my typing. I also think are class did very well because we were quiet most of the time. We can improve on our talking and focusing when we get into class but over all I think we did well. My favorite thing that we. did in the class was merge cube.

  17. I think I did really well on my speed this year, and remembering where all the letters are. I did have any problems other a few mistakes and I have done so well on my three minute timing and moving as fast as I can without major mistakes. I really have nothing in mind when asked what would I improve. But one thing thats bothering me is how I only finished half of advanced.

  18. My goal that I set went really well and it even went better than I had expected. The thing I need to work on is accuracy. One of my favorite things to do in this class is the merge cube and the Appel pencil. I learned a lot of techniques that the Appel pencil can do.

  19. I feel that I did a pretty good job on improving my typing speed. Unfortunately, I did not meet my goal of 20 wpm. I wasn’t to to far off because I went from 12 wpm to 18 wpm and my accuracy improved greatly.

    My favorite part of this class was definitely the Mythbusters Sketchnote. The sketchnote allowed me to be very creative and learn in a fun way. Also the tracing trick helped me a lot because I am not the best at drawing so, I was able to express all of my ideas and thoughts with it looking neat and put together.

  20. I met the goal in keyboarding by completing beginning, intermediate, and advanced. I improved by learning how to type faster without looking down. I can improve by never getting a letter in the home row wrong. My favorite parts of the class were using the Apple Pencil to draw and making the psalm video. I learned how to make videos that are good enough to be published on YouTube in this class. For improvements I suggest more projects with the Apple Pencil.

  21. My favorite was the merge cube because you can play games and learn on each side of the cube. One thing I learned is to use iMovie and to draw neatly with the Apple Pencil.

  22. One of the most interesting projects of this class we participated on was the
    myth busters sketch note and learning how to use those tools. I had fun drawing what I remembered from the video and coming up with ways to draw them. The video was fun to watch and the app was fun to use.

  23. The goal I set for keyboarding didn’t go very well mainly because I didn’t even know we had to set a goal. If I had set a goal, it probably would’ve been to get better at typing or something, but I’m still bad at typing so that really did’t work out. My favorite part of this class was easily the sketch note thing about the myth buster videos. I really liked this project because it was fun to watch the video and actually draw the thing, and it was pretty easy. Something interesting I learned this year is how to use a merge cube, but it got boring after you used all of the apps and I personally don’t think we should’ve done it for 2 days. That thing about the merge cube for 2 days instead of 1 was also the thing I’d change. Overall this was a really fun class and I definitely liked it better than last year.

  24. I did a lot better then last year but I started of shaky but toward the end I got better I got a little faster to. The only fun thing was games for fun.I didn’t really learn anything. Listen to directions and stay focus

  25. I met my goal of completing the intermediate course, which made me super happy, but I did not complete the advanced course like I wanted to after. My keyboarding improved a lot, I am a lot quicker with my typing as well as a lot neater. I feel like I am so much better, even though it was frustrating sometimes, but it was still worth it.

    My favorite parts of the class was the Apple Pencil and Sketchnotes Workbook in Keynote and the Merge Cubes. I liked the Apple Pencil and Sketchnotes Workbook in Keynote because I got to draw and use something expensive which is really cool. I also got to explore a lot of different features in the apps, which were super fun to play around with, and we got our own Apple Pencils which was awesome. I liked the Merge Cube because I got to play games and build bases and such, and I got to explore some cool and fun things/objects. I feel that the typing was important and helpful because I needed to learn how to type properly, and it taught me how to do that. I thought that the GarageBand was interesting because there were some new features that were added that I had to learn, but they were still very fun, and I think my song came out well. Something cool that I did was the Psalm iMovie, because of all of the special effects and titles and pictures that you could add, which were really fun. I do not have any suggestions because your class is fantastic!

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