Discovery Mythbusters Junior Sketchnotes

Recently, the 7th graders finished a unit using our Apple Pencils on our iPads. They began by working through my EveryoneCanSketchnote Keynote Interactive workbook. In the workbook, they learned about the elements of a sketchnote along with many tricks for drawing while using Keynote.

Next, the students had a choice of four different Mythbusters Junior videos from our Discovery Education online video collection. They had a choice to watch an episode on bugs, duct tape, space, or batteries. While the students watched on a computer, they used either Keynote or the Sketches School on an iPad to note the main ideas, and then they added visual elements to create a sketchnote representing the content of the video.

I was very impressed with the students’ work at capturing the core ideas of the video that they watched. They were expected to show the title of the video, 4 – 6 specific main ideas with words and pictures, and some details and organizing elements like arrows, numbering, or bullet points. They also needed to demonstrate their knowledge of the drawing app by using a variety of colors and drawing tools. Here are their sketchnotes posted below. Click on an image to see a larger version of the note.

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  1. Congratulations on creating these illuminating sketch notes. I learned lots by reading through them. Thanks for sharing your learning!

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