Sphero RVRs!

We were blessed to have won a set of 10 Sphero RVR robotic cars from Sparkfun Education a few months ago. One of our first activities has been to explore variables while coding the RVR to jump a ramp. Students have been tracking time and velocity as well as ramp height and distance to find the best settings to make the longest jump! We are looking forward to our next activity where we will explore how to use the color sensors on the RVRs. A huge thank you to Sparkfun Education for making this possible for our students!

Black History Hero Portraits with Keynote and Apple Pencil

For Black History Month, our middle schoolers worked on Hero Portraits. They selected a person to research, then used a photo in Keynote to guide them to trace their portrait with our Apple Pencils. Then they used the drawing tools in Keynote to color in the portrait. Finally added words and shapes to represent important concepts about that person’s life. Some students even turned the poster into an animated video!

Express Your Selfie!

Our middle school students have been using selfies to explore a variety of apps to creatively edit photos on their iPads. They took one selfie and edited it in multiple ways. Here is a Clips video showing some of their amazing photos.

We used a variety of FREE iPad apps including Prizma, Pixlr-o-matic, Snapseed, BeFunky, PIP Camera, PicsArt, RePix, Clip2Comic, and MySketch to add filters and effects to self-portraits.

Student have blogged and reflected on their work on their personal blogs on KidBlog. Here is a link to their blogs: https://kidblog.org/class/scs-ms-multimedia-tech-20/posts . They would love to have comments!