Express Your Selfie!

Our middle school students have been using selfies to explore a variety of apps to creatively edit photos on their iPads. They took one selfie and edited it in multiple ways. Here is a Clips video showing some of their amazing photos.

We used a variety of FREE iPad apps including Prizma, Pixlr-o-matic, Snapseed, BeFunky, PIP Camera, PicsArt, RePix, Clip2Comic, and MySketch to add filters and effects to self-portraits.

Student have blogged and reflected on their work on their personal blogs on KidBlog. Here is a link to their blogs: . They would love to have comments!

4 thoughts on “Express Your Selfie!

  1. I love these selfies! Not only are they creative and beautiful, but the people look so confident and proud. Thank you for sharing!
    Gayle Berthiaume, Port Charlotte, FL

  2. What a wonderful way to see the beautiful uniqueness of every student! A lot of careful decision in their choices and final product.
    Keep creating such amazing pieces!
    Montreal, QC- 🇨🇦

  3. So many different filters and effects to represent the uniqueness of each of you! I’ve watched this a few times and each time I smile.

    From the South Suburbs of Chicago in Illinois

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