Week 1 Online Learning Assignment – “Contagious!”

The theme for this week is “Contagious!”

The word contagious can be defined in many ways, both positive and negative.

It can relate to a health issue or it might relate to an emotion that you want/don’t want to spread to others.

Your challenge is to create a multimedia technology project that illustrates or relates to the idea of “Contagious!” You may use whatever technology tool you have available – a computer, a phone, an iPad (or another tablet), or an iPod. You may use any software, app, or online tool that you have available. It does not have to be something that we used in class, although it could be. Your creation may be serious or humorous or a mixture of both. You may include your family members as a part of the project if you wish. Your other classwork should be your priority, so this may be quite simple. Or if you are bored, go for it and create a masterpiece!

The graphic above gives some basic ideas, but here are more details including suggested apps, software, or online tools:

  • Create a song or rap inspired by the word “Contagious.” Use GarageBand or simply make a voice recording using your phone. It could be a humorous song about not hoarding or it might be a positive message to encourage people to be contagious with sharing or kindness during this time.
  • Use a drawing app like Tayasui Sketches School or Keynote or a poster builder like Pic Collage to make a sketchnote or infographic based on an article, news report, or video about the Coronavirus.
  • Create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) video or presentation using iMovie, Clips, Keynote, Google Slides, or another presentation or video app or tool giving 5 – 8 tips on how to stay healthy or happy during this time. Get your family members involved as actors or models if you wish!
  • Use Keynote or another stop motion/animation tool or app to create an animated video of a superhero fighting the Coronavirus.
  • In Minecraft, design a containment zone to protect or treat inhabitants from a virus. Supply them with what they need to survive for 2 weeks or to get better. Take screenshots or video of your creation.
  • Combine drawings or photography with words to illustrate a Bible verse or an inspirational quote to create some kind of graphic image that could encourage other people who are worried or afraid during this time. Use photography apps (think back to our photography unit and the apps we used), graphic design apps (like Pic Collage or Keynote), or drawing apps. Combining 2 apps for this would be amazing – like making a cool edited photo and then adding text in Keynote or drawing over a photo.
  • Any other school appropriate idea is fine. If you are not sure, feel free to email me with your questions or post them in the comments below.

Upload your project to your Kidblog when it is completed. The link to the blogs is in the top right corner of this blog page. Include several sentences explaining:

  • What was your project idea?
  • How did you create it? (Tell what device and what kind of app/website/software you used)
  • What struggles or challenges did you have while creating the project?
  • What were your strengths in this project? What did you enjoy about making it?

Projects for this week should be posted by 8 pm on Saturday evening.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not remember your passwords for your blogs, please reach out to me via email or SCS online messenger so I can either send you your information or reset the password.

Please contact me if you have any problems or questions along the way. If you are unable to use your blog, please send your project and reflection paragraph to me via email or you may share it with me when we return to school. Stay healthy and safe – I will be praying for you all!

Good luck and have fun!

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