Week 2 Online Learning Assignment – Book Trailer Plus

Hi Everyone!
I loved seeing your projects last week. Such amazing and creative work! Congratulations! I left a comment for every posted project. If you didn’t finish your project, please continuing working on it when you have time and post it when done. Here’s your assignment for this week. Please watch the video and then read EVERYTHING underneath it for all the details.

ASSIGNMENT ONE: Please go to 2 or 3 other Kidblogs from classmates and leave a positive encouraging comment. Do not give them suggestions for improvement this time – we only want to be encouraging during these times apart!

ASSIGNMENT TWO: Book Trailer Plus Project:

Learning Target: I can use photos, video, audio, and other multimedia to create a book trailer.

A “Book Trailer” is a preview video of a book. Think about what movie trailer previews are like and try to build a video in that style. (It is NOT you taking a selfie video where you simply talk about the book and give a review of it! )

Please read the assignment below carefully!

1) Pick a fiction book that you like. It needs to be appropriate for SCS (clean language, appropriate topic of book).

2) Decide what app or software piece you are going to use to edit your video clips together. I recommend Apple Clips or iMovie. Another free option would be the Splice app. If you need to work on a computer that is not a Mac to make your video, I suggest Adobe Spark Video (you would need to create a free account). Anything else is ok as long as it lets you edit video clips together and then add titles and music. Contact me if you need help finding something that would work.

Here is a tutorial about Clips that will show you all the features and where they are located:

3) Decide on at least one additional app to use to help you create the pieces for your video. It could be a drawing app, a photography app, an augmented reality app, a music app, Keynote or another app to create animations or pictures, Minecraft, or a stop motion app. Those who have taken the class before are encouraged to try to include more than one additional app if you can. Contact me if you need some suggestions.

4) Watch the examples at the bottom of this post to get some ideas of how you could put your video together and see what kind of project I am expecting.

5) Plan out your video. These are the things it must include:

  • Title and end credits (first names only!)
  • At least 4 individual video clips edited together
  • Music and/or voice recording
  • Use of at least one additional app (besides the video editing app)
  • Otherwise it is up to you! Be creative! It should take you at least an hour or more to create. Make a masterpiece!

6) You may use family members, stuffed animals, legos, or pets in your video. You can film inside or outside. Be crazy creative! Have fun!

7) If you are going to use photos from the internet, since you are publishing this online, you may NOT just go to the internet and use random photos. Those all are COPYRIGHTED! Use one the links on this page to help you locate copyright friendly photos: https://sites.google.com/a/southfieldchristian.org/learninglinks/home/clip-art-photos

8) Publish your video to your Kidblog. Include several sentences explaining:

  • What was your project idea?
  • How did you create it? (Tell what device and what kind of app/website/software you used)
  • What struggles or challenges did you have while creating the project?
  • What were your strengths in this project? What did you enjoy about making it?

Projects for this week should be posted by 8 pm on Saturday evening. However, if you would like to continue working on this project during your “Spring Vacation” the following week, just let me know and that would be fine!

I can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with! As always, if there are any problems or questions, let me know. I miss you all and am praying for you!

Below are a few good examples of Book Trailers from previous years using a variety of extra apps. If you go to the Kidblogs from the previous years, you can search and see some more examples.

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