Week 3 Online Learning 4/6 – Bible Search and Verse Poster

Hey Everyone!
I loved seeing your Book Trailer projects. There was a lot of variety with how you put your videos together. I left a comment for every posted project. If you didn’t finish your project from week 2, please continuing working on it when you have time and post it when done. Be sure you explain about the project in your post along with posting the project. This project will be graded and not doing it will affect your grade for 4th quarter. Watch this video and then read below for details on your assignments for this week.

  1. Finish your Book Trailer if it is not completed.
  2. Please fill in this survey – I need some information to help me plan the rest of our lessons for the quarter.

Multimedia Tech Class Survey

3) Optional Zoom Office Hours on Tuesday, April 7 – stop in say hi (I miss you) and ask any questions on our projects. I will drop the link in this post 15 minutes before the scheduled times:

UPDATE – Office Hours are finished for this week. If you still would like to talk to me, let me know.
3rd hour: 10:00 – 10:30 7th hour: 2:15 – 2:45

4) Digital Bible Search Project: Because of shorter week for Good Friday, I am making the project something simple that hopefully won’t take a lot of time. Due date for this assignment is Monday, April 13, at 8 am.

  • Watch the video above on tricks for using the YouVersion Bible App. (If you can’t get the Youversion app, use any other Bible app or BibleGateway.com.)
  • Youversion iPhone/iPad
  • Youversion Android
  • Search for and select a verse that applies to your feelings or needs for this week.
  • Create a digital poster to share this verse. You may use Youversion Bible, Pic Collage app, Typorama app, Google Docs, Google Draw, or a similar app or website to make your project. See my examples and video below. You must personally CREATE the poster for this post – not just Googling a picture to put in your blogpost. It should include the words of the verse and photo or background combined in a creative way.
  • Post your verse project in your blog. Explain why you picked this verse and how you made your digital project. (Don’t forget to do this – it is part of your grade!)
  • Blog Post with Project is due next Monday, April 13 at 8 am!

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a blessed Easter!

Example from Youversion Bible
Example from Pic Collage
Example from Typorama

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