Week 5 Online Learning 4/20 – Animation Part 1

Items for this week 4/20:

  • Some of you need to finish your Tynker Coding assignment/blogpost from last week. This will be graded – grades are being posted Tuesday (I think) so a zero on this project will really affect your grade. Let me know if you need help.
  • Reminder: I set up a Google Classroom for you to join to help you keep organized – let me know if you still need the code.
  • Optional Zoom Office Hours, Tuesday April 21, 3rd hour: 10:00 – 10:30 / 7th hour: 2:15 – 2:45. Stop in if you have a question or just want to say hi. I will send you the invitation 15 minutes before and will also post in our Google Classroom.

The assignment for the next two weeks is an animation project. You may create your animation in Keynote, using a stop motion app, or another animation app or website. (I listed some suggestions below if you need them.) The theme of your animation is “SUPERHERO vrs COVID 19.”

  • Invent your own superhero for this project. If you are planning to use an action figure (like Batman), do something to give him a new look and name. Do not use copyrighted characters, stories, or photos that you grab off the internet – be original!
  • Think through/plan a story idea for your animation. Try to come up with a unique creative way that your superhero can fight the virus. Your video may be funny or serious/educational.
  • Week 1: Build your animation clips for your video. Your animated clips totaled all together should be between 30 seconds to 1 minute long. They may be longer, but it doesn’t have to be – I know animation takes a long time.
  • End of Week 1 – just a blogpost telling your plan for the project, your superhero, your story, what app you are using, how far you have gotten. You do not need to post a project. Due Monday, April 27 at 8 am.
  • Week 2: Edit your clips together. Include a title, music and/or audio, and end credits. Your completed video should be at least 45 seconds long, but it may be longer. (I will give you some editing suggestions next week.)
  • Finally, post your video to your blog with our normal explanation of the project.
  • Be wise with your use of time with this lesson – do not wait until the end of week 2 to work on this.

If you are going to use Keynote (which I do recommend for this project), please watch the two videos below. I know the first one is longer, but they both will really help you to learn/review all the options for animation in Keynote. I want your skills to grow, not just do the same old stuff!

Other app options for creating animations or stop motion:

Stop Motion Studio
Lego Movie Maker
Koma Koma

Toontastic (Apple)
Toontastic (Google)

Puppet Pals ($3.99)

Anything else is fine if it lets you make an animation in some way!

If you don’t have an iPad or are having trouble figuring out an option that will work with your computer, phone, or tablet, please connect with me right away and I will help you figure out something that will work for you! Good luck and have fun!

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