Week 7 Online Learning 5/4 – Covid 19 Book Creator Journal Part 1

Here is some important info for this week:

  • Some of you need to finish your Superhero vrs. Covid 19 animation video and blogpost from last week. This will be graded – I will post this grade Tuesday morning. It is worth 10 points. Let me know if you need help or additional time to complete. Here is the link for the project and how I am grading it: http://blogs.southfieldchristian.org/middlepages/2020/04/week-6-online-learning-4-27-animation-part-2/
  • Optional Zoom Office Hours, Tuesday May 5, 3rd hour: 10:00 – 10:30 / 7th hour: 2:15 – 2:45. Stop in if you have a question about our assignment or just want to say hi. I will send you the invitation by email in the morning and will also post in our Google Classroom.

THIS WEEK: Our assignment for this week is a digital Covid 19 Journal in Book Creator – part one is due at 8 am on Monday May 11.

You will be working over the next few weeks creating a digital journal using Book Creator that will serve as primary source memory of your Covid 19 experiences over the past few months. There are a lot of specific directions to get you started. Please watch this video to see how to set up your account. The code for your login is in the email that I sent you this week and also in our Google Classroom. Please get in contact immediately if you have any difficulties. (If you get stuck during the weekend or on evenings, I may not be available to help, so please plan accordingly!)

FOR THIS PROJECT: These are the platform formats to use:

On a PC or Chromebook – use Google Chrome
On a Mac computer – use Google Chrome or Safari
On an iPad – use the Safari web browser (not the Book Creator app)

Book Creator Login Link: https://app.bookcreator.com/sign-in
Use your SCS Google login to create your account following the steps in the video above.

Be careful to always say yes or ok to give permission to use cameras and microphones if you are asked! If the camera does not work, you will need to go into your browser’s settings to give it permission. In Chrome, you will need to find the Settings or Preferences > PRIVACY AND SECURITY > SITE SETTINGS > then click camera and/or microphone to turn on ALLOW for Book Creator. (If you cannot get it to work, contact Miss Bosch and she will try to help you.)

PROJECT EXAMPLE: view this link to get ideas. This example was made for third grade. Your journal does NOT need to look exactly like this! Third Grade Covid 19 Journal Example


WEEK ONE: By Tuesday, 8 am on May 12, I expect everyone to have set up their book and created at least 3 pages. This part is worth 3 points. You do not need to do a blog post. If you complete this part but it is late, I will take away 1/2 point for being late.

WEEK TWO: Here are the expectations for the entire journal project

  • Cover with a Title and your first name (1 point)
  • At least one photo (1 point)
  • At least one video (1 point)
  • At least one audio recording (1 point)
  • Text that is formatted in a variety of ways (1point)
  • At least one drawing (1 point)
  • At least one use of the auto drawing feature or emojis (1 point)
  • Include at least one of your COVID 19 projects from other assignments in this class (like a drawing from another app, your Bible verse poster, your animated video, a Minecraft screenshot, etc.) (1 point)
  • At least a total of 10 pages in your journal. Careful use of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling! (1 point)
  • Pages are creatively edited with a variety of fonts, colors. There are not large areas of empty space. (1 point)
    backgrounds and filled with text and multimedia, not plain with empty spaces (1 point)
  • Total of 10 points for this project (You will have 3 weeks for this project)

Please contact me if you have questions or cannot get something to work. Do NOT wait until the last minute!

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