Week 8 Online Learning 5/11 – Covid 19 Book Creator Journal Part 2

Here is some important info for this week:

  • I spoke with many of you last week and gave you additional time to finish your Superhero vrs. COVID 19 animation video and blogpost. If it still is not done, I am marking it as a zero on Tuesday morning. Please contact me during school hours if you need help!
  • I am grading part 1 of your COVID 19 Book Creator journal on Tuesday at 8 am. You need to have 3 pages done. I am taking off 1/2 point if it is late!!! Please contact me today during school hours if you need help with this project.
  • I will be leaving a “sticky note” comment in your book for your first 3 pages with feedback. Please move or delete the sticky note when you do not need it.
  • Zoom Office Hours, Tuesday May 12, 3rd hour: 10:00 – 10:30 / 7th hour: 2:00 – 2:45. Stop in if you have a question about our assignment or just want to say hi. I will send you the invitation by email in the morning and will also post in our Google Classroom. You are REQUIRED to come if you are behind on any assignment to get help!
  • If my video below isn’t showing (sorry, technical difficulties), click here to view.

This week’s assignment: Do 4 more pages in your COVID 19 journal. This is due on Tuesday, May 19 at 8 am. I will take off 1/2 point if it is late! You should have 7 pages done total by next Tuesday. You will finish the last 3 pages next week.

Here are the expectations for the entire journal project:

  • Cover with a Title and your first name (1 point)
  • At least one photo (1 point)
  • At least one video (1 point)
  • At least one audio recording (1 point)
  • Text that is formatted in a variety of ways (1point)
  • At least one drawing (1 point)
  • At least one use of the auto drawing feature or emojis (1 point)
  • Include at least one of your Covid 19 projects from other assignments in this class (like a drawing from another app, your Bible verse poster, your animated video, a Minecraft screenshot, etc.) (1 point)
  • At least a total of 10 pages in your journal. Careful use of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling! (1 point)
  • Pages are creatively edited with a variety of fonts, colors. There are not large areas of empty space. (1 point)
  • Total of 10 points for this project (You will have 3 weeks to complete the assignment.)

Book Creator Login Link: https://app.bookcreator.com/sign-in
Use your SCS Google login to create your account following the steps from the video in last week’s post.

PROJECT EXAMPLE: view this link to get ideas. This example was made for third grade. Your journal does NOT need to look exactly like this! Third Grade Covid 19 Journal Example

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