Seventh Grade Keynote Sketchnotes November 2018


The 7th-grade students recently completed a unit using Keynote to learn about Sketchnotes. They used my #EveryoneCanSketchnote workbook to learn the basics about sketchnotes while using tricks to work, draw, trace, and animate in Keynote. (Click the link for FREE download of the Keynote workbook.) They LOVED using our Apple Pencils while working through this unit!


IMG_0164After using the workbook, students used Keynote to make sketchnotes based on content from their Science or Social Studies class. (Scroll down to see their sketchnotes.) After they finished their sketchnotes, many students explored using the animation features in Keynote to add animations to their sketchnote. Here is an outstanding example from Kennedy (who loves to animate in Keynote and does it in her spare time even!)

Students, your sketchnotes were amazing! I loved taking a closer look at them as I was grading them. Here is a gallery showing everyone’s sketchnotes. Click on the image to see a larger view.

Seventh graders, please write a reflection of at least 3 sentences about our Keynote/Sketchnote Unit. Tell me about:

  • What did you think of the workbook activities we did at the beginning in Keynote? What did you learn from them? Do you have any suggestions on how I could make the workbook better for future students? (I really would like to know your suggestions – please give MY project feedback!)
  • What did you learn about sketchnotes, Keynote, and/or the Apple Pencil?
  • What were your strengths in your sketchnote? What is something you could improve next time?

Seventh Grade Keynote Selfie Portraits


The seventh graders have been using the #EveryoneCanSketchnote workbook that I created in Keynote to learn more about sketchnotes, using Keynote, and drawing with the Apple Pencil. On Thursday the students learned a tracing trick in Keynote and then used a selfie photo to make their own cartoon drawing. I snapped a few photos while they were working – a lot of creative work happening! The students have been loving using the Apple Pencil – they only wish we had more so they didn’t have to share!

IMG_0212 IMG_0211 IMG_0210 IMG_0207 IMG_0205 IMG_0193 IMG_0184 IMG_0188 IMG_9830 IMG_0186 IMG_3754

Here is a link to a video tutorial that I quickly put together for the students to show them how to use tracing in Keynote to make these portraits.