Week 3 Online Learning 4/6 – Bible Search and Verse Poster

Hey Everyone!
I loved seeing your Book Trailer projects. There was a lot of variety with how you put your videos together. I left a comment for every posted project. If you didn’t finish your project from week 2, please continuing working on it when you have time and post it when done. Be sure you explain about the project in your post along with posting the project. This project will be graded and not doing it will affect your grade for 4th quarter. Watch this video and then read below for details on your assignments for this week.

  1. Finish your Book Trailer if it is not completed.
  2. Please fill in this survey – I need some information to help me plan the rest of our lessons for the quarter.

Multimedia Tech Class Survey

3) Optional Zoom Office Hours on Tuesday, April 7 – stop in say hi (I miss you) and ask any questions on our projects. I will drop the link in this post 15 minutes before the scheduled times:
3rd hour: 10:00 – 10:30 7th hour: 2:15 – 2:45

4) Digital Bible Search Project: Because of shorter week for Good Friday, I am making the project something simple that hopefully won’t take a lot of time. Due date for this assignment is Monday, April 13, at 8 am.

  • Watch the video above on tricks for using the YouVersion Bible App. (If you can’t get the Youversion app, use any other Bible app or BibleGateway.com.)
  • Youversion iPhone/iPad
  • Youversion Android
  • Search for and select a verse that applies to your feelings or needs for this week.
  • Create a digital poster to share this verse. You may use Youversion Bible, Pic Collage app, Typorama app, Google Docs, Google Draw, or a similar app or website to make your project. See my examples and video below. You must personally CREATE the poster for this post – not just Googling a picture to put in your blogpost. It should include the words of the verse and photo or background combined in a creative way.
  • Post your verse project in your blog. Explain why you picked this verse and how you made your digital project. (Don’t forget to do this – it is part of your grade!)
  • Blog Post with Project is due next Monday, April 13 at 8 am!

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a blessed Easter!

Example from Youversion Bible
Example from Pic Collage
Example from Typorama

Happy Spring Vacation!

Just a quick message for you!


  • I am loving seeing your projects! Keep up the creative work!
  • I will grade your Book Trailer Plus project on the Monday we get back (April 6) so you may keep working on it if not done.
  • Any questions on assignments, let me know!
  • Don’t forget to write about your project when you post it – some of you are forgetting to do this!
  • I would love to hear how you are doing, so leave me a comment just giving me an update!
  • Enjoy your “vacation!”

Week 2 Online Learning Assignment – Book Trailer Plus

Hi Everyone!
I loved seeing your projects last week. Such amazing and creative work! Congratulations! I left a comment for every posted project. If you didn’t finish your project, please continuing working on it when you have time and post it when done. Here’s your assignment for this week. Please watch the video and then read EVERYTHING underneath it for all the details.

ASSIGNMENT ONE: Please go to 2 or 3 other Kidblogs from classmates and leave a positive encouraging comment. Do not give them suggestions for improvement this time – we only want to be encouraging during these times apart!

ASSIGNMENT TWO: Book Trailer Plus Project:

Learning Target: I can use photos, video, audio, and other multimedia to create a book trailer.

A “Book Trailer” is a preview video of a book. Think about what movie trailer previews are like and try to build a video in that style. (It is NOT you taking a selfie video where you simply talk about the book and give a review of it! )

Please read the assignment below carefully!

1) Pick a fiction book that you like. It needs to be appropriate for SCS (clean language, appropriate topic of book).

2) Decide what app or software piece you are going to use to edit your video clips together. I recommend Apple Clips or iMovie. Another free option would be the Splice app. If you need to work on a computer that is not a Mac to make your video, I suggest Adobe Spark Video (you would need to create a free account). Anything else is ok as long as it lets you edit video clips together and then add titles and music. Contact me if you need help finding something that would work.

Here is a tutorial about Clips that will show you all the features and where they are located:

3) Decide on at least one additional app to use to help you create the pieces for your video. It could be a drawing app, a photography app, an augmented reality app, a music app, Keynote or another app to create animations or pictures, Minecraft, or a stop motion app. Those who have taken the class before are encouraged to try to include more than one additional app if you can. Contact me if you need some suggestions.

4) Watch the examples at the bottom of this post to get some ideas of how you could put your video together and see what kind of project I am expecting.

5) Plan out your video. These are the things it must include:

  • Title and end credits (first names only!)
  • At least 4 individual video clips edited together
  • Music and/or voice recording
  • Use of at least one additional app (besides the video editing app)
  • Otherwise it is up to you! Be creative! It should take you at least an hour or more to create. Make a masterpiece!

6) You may use family members, stuffed animals, legos, or pets in your video. You can film inside or outside. Be crazy creative! Have fun!

7) If you are going to use photos from the internet, since you are publishing this online, you may NOT just go to the internet and use random photos. Those all are COPYRIGHTED! Use one the links on this page to help you locate copyright friendly photos: https://sites.google.com/a/southfieldchristian.org/learninglinks/home/clip-art-photos

8) Publish your video to your Kidblog. Include several sentences explaining:

  • What was your project idea?
  • How did you create it? (Tell what device and what kind of app/website/software you used)
  • What struggles or challenges did you have while creating the project?
  • What were your strengths in this project? What did you enjoy about making it?

Projects for this week should be posted by 8 pm on Saturday evening. However, if you would like to continue working on this project during your “Spring Vacation” the following week, just let me know and that would be fine!

I can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with! As always, if there are any problems or questions, let me know. I miss you all and am praying for you!

Below are a few good examples of Book Trailers from previous years using a variety of extra apps. If you go to the Kidblogs from the previous years, you can search and see some more examples.

Week 1 Online Learning Assignment – “Contagious!”

The theme for this week is “Contagious!”

The word contagious can be defined in many ways, both positive and negative.

It can relate to a health issue or it might relate to an emotion that you want/don’t want to spread to others.

Your challenge is to create a multimedia technology project that illustrates or relates to the idea of “Contagious!” You may use whatever technology tool you have available – a computer, a phone, an iPad (or another tablet), or an iPod. You may use any software, app, or online tool that you have available. It does not have to be something that we used in class, although it could be. Your creation may be serious or humorous or a mixture of both. You may include your family members as a part of the project if you wish. Your other classwork should be your priority, so this may be quite simple. Or if you are bored, go for it and create a masterpiece!

The graphic above gives some basic ideas, but here are more details including suggested apps, software, or online tools:

  • Create a song or rap inspired by the word “Contagious.” Use GarageBand or simply make a voice recording using your phone. It could be a humorous song about not hoarding or it might be a positive message to encourage people to be contagious with sharing or kindness during this time.
  • Use a drawing app like Tayasui Sketches School or Keynote or a poster builder like Pic Collage to make a sketchnote or infographic based on an article, news report, or video about the Coronavirus.
  • Create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) video or presentation using iMovie, Clips, Keynote, Google Slides, or another presentation or video app or tool giving 5 – 8 tips on how to stay healthy or happy during this time. Get your family members involved as actors or models if you wish!
  • Use Keynote or another stop motion/animation tool or app to create an animated video of a superhero fighting the Coronavirus.
  • In Minecraft, design a containment zone to protect or treat inhabitants from a virus. Supply them with what they need to survive for 2 weeks or to get better. Take screenshots or video of your creation.
  • Combine drawings or photography with words to illustrate a Bible verse or an inspirational quote to create some kind of graphic image that could encourage other people who are worried or afraid during this time. Use photography apps (think back to our photography unit and the apps we used), graphic design apps (like Pic Collage or Keynote), or drawing apps. Combining 2 apps for this would be amazing – like making a cool edited photo and then adding text in Keynote or drawing over a photo.
  • Any other school appropriate idea is fine. If you are not sure, feel free to email me with your questions or post them in the comments below.

Upload your project to your Kidblog when it is completed. The link to the blogs is in the top right corner of this blog page. Include several sentences explaining:

  • What was your project idea?
  • How did you create it? (Tell what device and what kind of app/website/software you used)
  • What struggles or challenges did you have while creating the project?
  • What were your strengths in this project? What did you enjoy about making it?

Projects for this week should be posted by 8 pm on Saturday evening.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not remember your passwords for your blogs, please reach out to me via email or SCS online messenger so I can either send you your information or reset the password.

Please contact me if you have any problems or questions along the way. If you are unable to use your blog, please send your project and reflection paragraph to me via email or you may share it with me when we return to school. Stay healthy and safe – I will be praying for you all!

Good luck and have fun!