iPad Photography


This past week, the Middle School Multimedia Tech class worked on learning ways to improve their iPad photography. We used a variety of FREE iPad apps including Prizma, Pixlr-o-matic, PaintMee, and MySketch to add filters and effects to self portraits. We also used the Pic Collage Kids app to design collages that showed off their best work!.


We then looked at my teacher friend David Caleb’s wonderful free eBook “Stories Through the Lens” for some ideas about photo composition.

IMG_3481 IMG_3482

Since it was a warm beautiful day, we headed outside. Students picked one subject and took photos of it using a variety of perspectives following ideas that they learned from the book.

Outdoor iPad Photography

It was a fun way to end the week. Next week students will be blogging about about what they learned about iPad photography and sharing some of their examples!





Life Lessons Selfie Videos

The middle school tech class has been working on recording selfie videos to share 5 life lessons. Here are some shots of the students recording their clips. Now they are using iMovie on their computer to combine all the clips together into one video. While working on this project they will be using workflows to download video and music. They also will be using many of the editing feature in iMovie including transitions, titles, and effects.

self4 selfie2 selfie1 selfie3



The Art of the Selfie

Is there an art to taking a selfie? I think there are many creative and practical lessons students can learn while making selfies!IMG_9098



I love using iPads and selfies as a way to explore iPad photography. My students had a great time taking multiple selfies in creative poses. Then they explored how to edit the photos and add filters using a variety of apps, including Pixlr-o-matic, Prisma, and My Sketch. While working, we had a great conversation on digital citizenship issues that relate to using selfies in social media and creating images that show yourself in a positive, God pleasing manner. Then we used Pic Collage Kids to make a collage showing some of their best selfie portrait edits. Click on the images below to see their creative collages!



Psalm Video Editing


Over the past few days, the sixth graders have been working on planning and creating music videos based on verses from the Psalms. They began by searching online for copyright friendly images. Now they are adding the photos to their video and enhancing them by adding the Ken Burns effect to simulate movement of a still image. Today we also worked on adding text to our images. Tomorrow we will add music and credits/citations. IMG_5284 IMG_5283

IMG_5282 IMG_5281


Digital Photography/iPhoto

The students recently completed a digital photography unit. We learned about some hints on how to improve the quality of our photos, and then downloaded and edited them in iPhoto.  Here are some examples of the students’ work:

Digital Photography Assignment

I’ve been very impressed with with some of the photos that you have been taking and editing.  Please leave a 3 sentence comment telling me:

  • What did you learn about taking photos with a digital camera? How have you improved your photography skills during this unit?
  • What have you learned about editing photos in iPhoto?
  • What did you enjoy/not like about this project?
  • What would you like to improve about your photography skills? What do you think you could have done better during this unit?
  • What could the teacher do to make this project better for future classes?

Remember to use good sentence and spelling skills and that the comment is a part of your participation grade.  Thank you!