Discovery Mythbusters Junior Sketchnotes

Recently, the 7th graders finished a unit using our Apple Pencils on our iPads. They began by working through my EveryoneCanSketchnote Keynote Interactive workbook. In the workbook, they learned about the elements of a sketchnote along with many tricks for drawing while using Keynote.

Next, the students had a choice of four different Mythbusters Junior videos from our Discovery Education online video collection. They had a choice to watch an episode on bugs, duct tape, space, or batteries. While the students watched on a computer, they used either Keynote or the Sketches School on an iPad to note the main ideas, and then they added visual elements to create a sketchnote representing the content of the video.

I was very impressed with the students’ work at capturing the core ideas of the video that they watched. They were expected to show the title of the video, 4 – 6 specific main ideas with words and pictures, and some details and organizing elements like arrows, numbering, or bullet points. They also needed to demonstrate their knowledge of the drawing app by using a variety of colors and drawing tools. Here are their sketchnotes posted below. Click on an image to see a larger version of the note.

7th Grade Sketchnotes 2019

After having completed our #EveryoneCanSketchnote interactive workbook in Keynote last week, students made a sketchnote using our Apple Pencils and either the Keynote or Tayasui Sketches School apps. They were very focused as they worked to turn information from their science or social studies textbooks into pictures.

Here is a gallery of the student sketchnotes. Click on the image to view a larger size.

Students loved using our Apple Pencils. Here were some comments they made on a self-evaluation survey after finishing our unit:

“I like how you can get more detailed and it always looks better than your finger.”

“My fingers are really unsteady, so this helps me draw straighter lines. I also can draw in more detail.”

“I learned that you can get very detailed and that it is more fun to draw on an iPad rather on paper.”

“I learned that I can be good at art.”

When students finished their sketchnote, they had a choice of activities using the Apple Pencils. Quite a few students used a tracing trick in Keynote to create self portraits.

Other students worked on some of the drawing lessons using the Shadow Draw app.


They also explored creating with pixels using the New Pixels app.

I loved seeing the variety of ways the students showed that #EveryoneCanCreate using our Apple Pencils!

Our Apple Pencils Have Arrived!

We have been blessed by the MACUL organization (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning), who awarded us a grant which has allowed us to purchase 14 Apple Pencils. Students in grades K – 8 will be using the Apple Pencils with our iPads to draw, design, annotate, animate, and much more as they work on creative projects throughout the year. We are very excited to now have 26 Apple Pencils so every student can have one to use (and not have share like we did last year)!

We already are busy using the Apple Pencils. Our seventh graders have been working through this interactive Everyone Can Sketchnote workbook. Check back to see examples of some of the amazing work that they are going to be creating.

Seventh Grade Keynote Selfie Portraits


The seventh graders have been using the #EveryoneCanSketchnote workbook that I created in Keynote to learn more about sketchnotes, using Keynote, and drawing with the Apple Pencil. On Thursday the students learned a tracing trick in Keynote and then used a selfie photo to make their own cartoon drawing. I snapped a few photos while they were working – a lot of creative work happening! The students have been loving using the Apple Pencil – they only wish we had more so they didn’t have to share!

IMG_0212 IMG_0211 IMG_0210 IMG_0207 IMG_0205 IMG_0193 IMG_0184 IMG_0188 IMG_9830 IMG_0186 IMG_3754

Here is a link to a video tutorial that I quickly put together for the students to show them how to use tracing in Keynote to make these portraits.

7th Keynote/Sketchnote Unit Reflection

IMG_5467We are so blessed to have 13 new Apple Pencils that our students can use on our iPads. They were purchased with some of the prize money that our middle school students won a few years ago in the Meijer Great Choices video contest. The seventh-grade students worked through the Everyone Can Sketchnote workbook in Keynote using the Apple pencil to practice new drawing skills and iPad tricks. Then they created a sketchnote of their choice about a book, Bible story, or a science/social studies topic.

sketchnote apple pencil

Students, your sketchnotes were amazing! I loved taking a closer look at them as I was grading them. Here is a gallery showing everyone’s sketchnotes. Click on the image to see a larger view.

A few students explored animating their sketchnotes using the tools available in Keynote. Here are a few video examples:

Students, please write a reflection of at least 3 sentences about our Keynote/Sketchnote Unit. Tell me about:

What did you think of the workbook activities we did at the beginning in Keynote? What did you learn from them? Do you have any suggestions on how I could make the workbook better for future students? (I really would like to know your suggestions – please give MY project feedback!)

What did you learn about sketchnotes, Keynote, and/or the Apple Pencil?

What were your strengths in your sketchnote? What is something you could improve next time?

Sketchnote Tutorials

Students, first watch the video on Sketchnote Elements:

Next, view the tutorials below to view which will demonstrate the drawing apps that we are going to use for our sketchnote. Please watch at least 2 tutorials and decide which app you like better and want to use for your upcoming project. Use your iPad and a stylus to try them out while watching the tutorials and after you are finished watching them.  Then practice and explore using the app you like best.

Using Clips to Annotate and Narrate Sketchnotes

The MS Tech Class has not only been making amazing sketchnotes (see this post), but also has been using the Apple Clips app to explain their sketchnotes by adding narration and annotation. Check out their videos, then click on the link underneath to see a blog post where each student wrote to share about the visual learning strategies that they have been learning!

MJ’s Blog Post

Drew’s Blog Post

Kendall’s Blog Post

Cameron’s Blog Post

Lilly’s Blog Post

Jordan’s Blog Post

Mehki’s Blog Post

The Apple Clips app is a wonderful free addition to classroom learning. It lets you combine photos, video clips, audio narration, closes captioning, titles, text boxes, annotations, emoji’s, and music into short Instagram style videos. It can be used in all subject areas in a variety of ways – I especially like to use it as a way for students to share and reflect on the things they are learning.

Sketchnotes from MS Tech – Fall 2017

Digital Sketchnotes

Over the past week, students in the Multimedia Tech class worked on making digital sketchnotes on our iPads. They tested out several drawing apps, selected their favorite (most chose the Tayasui Sketches app) and then worked on a non-fiction sketchnote from their science or social studies book.

Sketchnotes are about ideas, not art. The purpose is to link words with simple pictures to create a visual document of learning that is easy to remember. Here are some examples of their work:

IMG_2798 IMG_2802 IMG_2849 IMG_2801 IMG_2800 IMG_2799 IMG_2796 One student told me that making the sketchnote really helped her with a test retake. Here is a video clip where she talks about the benefits of sketchnotes:

Students also worked on making sketchnotes based on a fictional book. Here are a few more examples of their work (note: a few of these are missing, will try to add next week).

It was exciting to see students explore drawing apps and learn to use new techniques like layers as they worked on putting their ideas into pictures. Next week we will be adding voice and annotations to their sketchnotes using the Apple Clips app!







Sketchnote Resources for Multimedia Tech Class

Students, first watch the video on Sketchnote Elements:

Next, view the tutorials below to view which will demonstrate the drawing apps that we are going to use for our sketchnote. Please watch at least 2 tutorials and decide which app you like better and want to use for your upcoming project. Use your iPad and a stylus to

try them out while watching the tutorials and after you are finished watching them.  Then practice and explore using the app you like best.

Paper 53 tutorial:

If you finish early, you may try to make a Selfie Portrait.

Here is the tutorial on how to make a selfie portrait. Watch the tutorial and pause it as you watch to follow the steps to make your own Selfie Portrait!



“How To” Sketchnotes – November 2016

The sixth graders recently completed a unit on creating digital sketchnotes. They created a “how to” sketchnote which included all the elements which they learned about from our tutorials. (See earlier post if you are interested in the tutorials that we used.) The students choose between the Flipink, Sketchbook X, and Tayasui Sketches Pro apps to make their sketchnotes. Here is their work – click on an image to view it larger!

After our lesson, I was very impressed with all the students who used the sketchnote strategy while listening in chapel. Check out their work!


IMG_9860  IMG_9858 IMG_9857 IMG_9863