“How To” Sketchnotes – November 2016

The sixth graders recently completed a unit on creating digital sketchnotes. They created a “how to” sketchnote which included all the elements which they learned about from our tutorials. (See earlier post if you are interested in the tutorials that we used.) The students choose between the Flipink, Sketchbook X, and Tayasui Sketches Pro apps to make their sketchnotes. Here is their work – click on an image to view it larger!

After our lesson, I was very impressed with all the students who used the sketchnote strategy while listening in chapel. Check out their work!


IMG_9860  IMG_9858 IMG_9857 IMG_9863



Sketchnote Video Tutorials – 11/11

Students, here are the tutorial videos for you to watch to learn about what a sketchnote is and what the parts of a sketchnote are. Please watch both videos and take sketchnotes on your worksheet as you watch them.

When you are done with these videos above and have filled in the front of your worksheet, then view the three tutorials below to view which will demonstrate the drawing apps that we are going to use for our sketchnote. Please watch at least 2 tutorials and decide which app you like better and want to use for your upcoming project. Use your iPad and a stylus to try them out while watching the tutorials and after you are finished watching them.  Then practice and explore using the app you like best.



Sketchnoting – “How To” Sketchnotes

IMG_4490Last week the 6th graders  spent some time learning about using drawing apps to create digital sketchnotes. (See previous posts to view the videos that we used to introduce the drawing apps and the basics of sketchnotes.) The students used a drawing app of their choice to create a sketchnote on “How To” do an activity or skill. The emphasis for this activity was not to be a great artist, but to communicate with ideas with words and simple pictures in an organized way.  Here is a gallery of the student sketchnotes. (Click on an image to see it full sized.)

Creating a “How To” sketchnote is a good lesson to introduce this note taking skill because students are drawing from their personal experience rather than having to process reading or listening while making the notes. Hopefully the skills learned can transfer to genuine notetaking activites!


PBS World Explorers Video Sketchnotes

IMG_6178IMG_6174As a part of our sketchnote unit, students watched videos from the PBS World Explorers Videos series and then selected one video to illustrate by creating a digital sketchnote. The sketchnote strategy is an excellent way to help students focus on, process, and remember content while watching media. Students created their sketchnotes using iPads while watching the video on computers in the computer lab (see photos above), but this could just as easily be done with the video playing for the entire class using a projector. Students used a variety of apps including:

Here are the sketchnotes that the students created:

Photo Jan 19, 2 39 19 PMPhoto Jan 15, 2 53 47 PM

Photo Jan 15, 2 45 49 PM Photo Jan 15, 2 51 35 PMPhoto Jan 19, 2 49 09 PM00G2v862RKkImGnwEFVy_image 3KWNFVhyQC2h1g9lTniv_image nbCqWFHvSX6j1MLNX0FH_image WkXRsNVMSeKwmOCVcBdS_imagekstdyp5OSMKxOY1RjDjw_imagePhoto Jan 19, 2 30 20 PMAll of the students are blogging their media projects this year using Kidblog. Students have posted their sketchnotes and their reflections on this unit here: https://kidblog.org/class/scs-ms-multimedia-tech16/posts

Here is the link to the PBS World Explorers Collection Videos. These colorful short videos are perfect to use with the sketchnote strategy.

We used my free iTunesU course Digital Sketchnotes for Visualizing Learning to help the students learn about what sketchnotes are and how to create them using drawing apps.You can also find more information about sketchnotes at my resource page:

Sketchnote Tools and Resources

Journal Sketchnotes – 2nd Quarter

Photo Nov 16, 10 42 12 AMRecently, the sixth graders learned about sketchnotes in class and worked on using iPads to create digital sketchnotes of a day or an event. Below is a gallery showing some of the sketchnotes that they created. (Click on an image to see the large view.)

It has been exciting to watch the students start to use the sketchnote strategy for taking notes during chapel. They are finding it really helps them focus while they listen, plus it is fun!


IMG_5735 IMG_5736 IMG_5732

Sketchnote Resources Nov15

Students, here are the tutorial videos for you to watch to learn about what a sketchnote is and what the parts of a sketchnote are. Please watch both videos:

When you are done, here are 2 video tutorials about different apps that you can use to do your sketchnotes. You may have the app open to test out the features while you are watching the video. Pick one to watch. If you have time, you may watch the second one.