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Here are links to eBooks that have been created by our middle school students and are published in iTunes:










The National Parks Superheroes Comic Collection: Info on the project and link to download the book, published April 2016

Book Shelfies  – an anthology of multimedia “book reports” created published June of 2015.


APPlied Poetry – A Multimedia Anthology of Poetry Created with APPs:


This book is a multimedia anthology of poetry created by sixth grade students in May of 2013, illustrated with a variety of apps, and compiled using the Book Creator app.
The poetry was written in Mrs. Hockenbrocht’s Language Arts class.  Students were asked to illustrate their poetry using images, text, and audio.  They were to use and cite copyright friendly images and needed to include at least one video.
They needed to use a variety of apps to create the media for this project. When done with their chapter, I uploaded each book from Book Creator to Dropbox. I then downloaded each book onto one device and used the merge feature in Book Creator to combine each chapter into one anthology.  If you are an educator, please download my free multitouch book for iPad that explains the entire process of this unit:
This is one of the best iPad projects we have done! Even though it was the last weeks of school, students were totally engaged and so creative!  It is a great example of how students can combine multiple apps on an iPad to create multimedia content.Here is a list of some of the apps they used to illustrate their poetry:

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