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The Middle School Multimedia Technology class will be using Kidblog this year to create a portfolio of their work and to document and reflect on their learning.

Here is the public link where you can view the blogs: SCS MS Mutimedia Tech blogs

Here is the link for students to login to their blogs: Kidblog Login Page


  • No last names ever!
  • No photos of yourself where you could be individually identified. In some cases a group photo will be ok.  No selfies!
  • We will be creating an avatar that you can use to identify yourself on the blog.
  • You are expected to use good English skills with capital letters, correct punctuation, and good spelling. Show yourself off to your best ability.
  • All posts and comments will be approved by the teacher.  Comments must reflect kindness, intelligence, and good digital citizenship.
  • Always remember to logout of your device or computer when you are done posting!

Things to include:

  • Reflections: your thoughts and personal evaluations before, during, and after a project is done.
  • Projects: in most cases you will post your finished project online for critique.
  • Photos: of project work in process.
  • Later on: Other examples of schoolwork, creative projects, or thoughts related to learning. We will talk about this later, at first do not post things that are not directly assigned or post at home.

Things not to include:

  • Selfies (remember no photos where people can identify you!)
  • Personal information – where you live, email, phone, other accounts, places you go, etc.
  • Random pictures of you, friends, your daily life, your wardrobe, your food
  • A journal of your life, random things you do

Here is the public link to the 2015 blogs:


2 thoughts on “Student Blogs

  1. my challenge is the epic jump the materials are 2 ramps toy tnt a spero and a yard stick you set the ramps 5 inches apart and put the tnt in the middle the spero one yard away and see what happens.

  2. I would like to use the 3D printer a lot and use the iPads more. I would like to do a really big project. I want to improve my skills in typing

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