Exodus 7-10

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  1. Niko Varano

    Why did God send gnats, flies, and locusts?

    • Lauren

      To convince Pharaoh to free the Israelite slaves.

    • Jonathan sullivan

      The Egyptians had several different gods that they worshiped. Each god was different and lorded over different things. God demonstrating his power and authority over all evil took out each god of Egypt to show that he was all powerful and had all control.


  2. Jonathan sullivan

    Were the secret arts performed by the Egyptians done by the power of Satan/demons?

    • Mr. Ward

      Yes. The gods of Egypt were empowered by demons.

  3. Autumn Smith

    Why was Pharaoh so persistent on keeping the Israelites in Egypt?

    • Elijah Hicks

      Pharaoh was so persistent because he felt he was supreme leader not God and wanted to show everyone he was still in control.

  4. Jacob Brink

    Why would God introduce plagues if Pharaoh would just harden his heart?

    • Keirsten Mitchell

      God is fully aware of the fact that a simple request will not convince Pharaoh that he should let the Israelites go. In fact, he explicitly informs Moses that Pharaoh will refuse the request. Only after God stretches his hand and smites the Egyptians with various plagues will Pharaoh agree to let the Israelites go.

  5. Daniel Bylsma

    Is Aaron older or younger than Moses?

    • Jacob Brink

      Aaron is three years older than Moses, according to Exodus 7:7.

  6. Madison King

    Why did God continue to let Moses show the plagues if God was simply going to harden pharaoh’s heart time and time again?

    • Mr. Ward

      God was showing his power over the gods of Egypt. This put pressure on the Pharaoh, revealing his true heart of pride and stubornness.

  7. Amber Robinson

    If God knew that Pharaoh wouldn’t listen to Moses and Aaron then why did he still send the plagues?

    • Alexis Davis

      God sent the plagues because of the fact that Pharoah was not listening. (bible.org)

  8. Lauren

    Why did God harden his heart?

    • Mr. Ward

      God was using the plagues to put pressure on Pharaoh and bring out the true nature of his heart – stubbornness and pride.

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