Exodus 11-15

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  1. Autumn Smith

    What was the purpose of Pharaoh going after the people if he let them go?

    • Jacob Brink

      Although it doesn’t make logical sense to us today, we must remember that God was in control. According to Romans 9:17-18, God used Pharaoh to demonstrate God’s power and glory. If God would have allowed Pharaoh to just let Israel go, Egyptian soldiers would never be able to personally experience the hand of God in the Red Sea. So, what Pharaoh did makes little to no sense, but that was because God, not Pharaoh, was in charge.

    • Carolyn Hanafee

      God said He would have glory over the Egyptians and his men, and so the Egyptians would know He was Lord. Exodus 14:4

  2. Jonathan sullivan

    Why did God emphasize that the Israelites not eat yeast?

    • Alexis Davis

      God emphasized that the Israelites not eat yeast so that they always remember how they left Egypt in haste. It symbolizes them not having time for he bread to rise. (gotquestions.org)

  3. Niko Varano

    What did the pillar of clouds look like?

    • Mr. Ward

      We are not sure. It was something that was a visible reminder that the presence of God was with the Israelites.

  4. Daniel Bylsma

    How long it took to free the Israelites?

  5. Amber Robinson

    What was the pillar of cloud and fire?

    • Lauren

      Exactly what its name says. Cloud by day fire by night.

    • Niko Varano

      It was the physical manifestation of God to protect the Israelites from the Egyptians (Lecture on Exodus with Dr. Bill Creary)

    • Daniel Bylsma

      It was the Israelites guide and their protection for the Egyptian
      Cloud by day and fire by night. By Gods power.


    • Jonathan sullivan

      It was God’s physical manifest presence to the Israelites and evidence that he was the protector and Lord of his people

      Reverend Tal

  6. Lauren

    How do you make bread with out yeast back than? What is it called?

  7. Elijah Hicks

    Could people see the spirit on passover?

    • Torrance

      No because they were sleep

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