Leviticus & Numbers

Post the question(s) from your journal.  Then select another unanswered question and post an answer to that question with a source that verifies the answer.

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  1. Madison King

    Why was Moses’ staff still so significant?

  2. Lauren

    Why did they lie about the land being bad?

  3. Alexandria Crocker

    Why did Balak hate the Israelites?

    • Niko Varano

      He hated the Israelites because he was afraid of them. Israel was becoming too powerful and he didn’t want his kingdom to fall (Numbers 22:2)

  4. Carolyn Hanafee

    Why would the cloud lift sometimes and then go back down the other time?

  5. Autumn Smith

    Why did the Israelites freak out saying they were going to die, did they not trust in God anymore?

  6. Jonathan sullivan

    Why does Moses always fall face down when he hears bad news?

  7. Amber Robinson

    Why was the man who was gathering sticks on the Sabbath executed?

  8. Niko Varano

    Why did Balaam not freak out when his donkey started to talk?

  9. Daniel Bylsma

    Were their always these tribes in Israel or is that new when Moses was around?

  10. Jacob Brink

    Who is Balaam and was he an Israelite?

    • Alexis Davis

      Balaam was a non-Israelite prophet that was wicked, but he was not a false prophet. Balaam heard from God, but he wasn’t right with God and he eventually betrayed Israel and led them astray. (gotquestions.org)

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