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  1. Autumn Smith

    Why was Rahab so trusting to the spies when the came in her land?

    • Jacob Brink

      According to the scriptures, Rahab had heard of Israel’s flight from Egypt and how their God had done miracles. Knowing that, she realized that Israel would eventually defeat Jericho if God was with them.

  2. Niko Varano

    What did the sun look like when it stopped?

  3. Madison King

    Why did Joshua choose to spare the people of Gibeon?

  4. Jonathan sullivan

    What did the angel of the lord look like?

    • Elijah Hicks

      Angels are spirit beings. There is no description given in the Bible of what they look like in their true essence. Although angels do not have a physical form like humans, they do have some type of localized form – they occupy some space. Whatever their normal form is like, it is a form adapted to the unseen spiritual realm. Though the Bible does not comment about their usual form, it does says that there are various types of bodies in heaven as well as upon the earth.

    • Jailynn Robinson

      When angels appeared to humans in the Bible they resembled normal males. Other times, angels appeared not as humans, but as something other-worldly, and their appearance was terrifying to those who encountered them.

    • Autumn Smith

      Angels do have the ability to appear in human form. When angels appeared to humans in the Bible, they resembled normal males. (

  5. Lauren

    Was it a sin when Abraham said she didn’t know were the spies were?

  6. Daniel Bylsma

    What was Jericho religion?

    • Jonathan sullivan

      Early in Canaanite religion, the male moon-god, “Yerach,” was the chief god of the pantheon. And the female sun-god, “Shamash,” was his cohort. Later, these were changed to Baal and Ashteroth. “To judge from Canaanite place-names of the earliest period, such as Jericho and Beit-Yerach, as well as from Non-Semitic personal and place names of the 2nd millenium BC, the cult of the sun-god and moon-god (or goddess) was at its height in very early times and steadily declined thereafter”

    • Niko Varano

      The people of Jericho were polytheistic, but one of their main gods was Baal. He controlled the storms and water and was viewed as the one who provided the crops for the land. He also had a wife name Asherah who the Cannanites made poles for. (Joshua Canaanite Religion Notes)

  7. Jacob Brink

    Why were the Israelites allowed to stone all of Achan’s family? Shouldn’t only the criminal be punished and not his whole family?

    • Carolyn Hanafee

      It was to show that sin has a ripple effect, and our actions effect others. It is never an isolated event. Also, to show you can’t hide your sin. It was to show the high cost of not obeying God.

    • Jackson Hart

      They were aware of what Achan was doing and therefore were just as guilty as he was. Achan admitted to hiding the treasure in his tent and his family would’ve known what he was doing, because they all live in that tent.

  8. Carolyn Hanafee

    How did Joshua appoint the twelve men, from each tribe?

  9. Elijah Hicks

    Was Joshua a better leader than Moses?

  10. Jackson Hart

    Why did the Israelites continue to have so little faith in God even when He showed Himself over and over?

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