Judges & Ruth

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  1. Daniel Bylsma

    What are midianites?

    • Justin Spivey

      “The Midianites were the descendants of Midian and therefore children of Abraham.” https://www.gotquestions.org/Midianites.html

    • Amber Robinson

      The Midianites were a group of people who were descendants of Moses’ wife Zipporah who lived in Midian. The Israelites and the Midianites didn’t get along because the Midianites joined the Moabites to have the wicked prophet Baalam to curse Israel. The God told Israel to attack and kill the Midianites because the Midianites treated the Israelites like enemies.

    • Lauren

      The midianites are people from midian.

      • Lauren

        From Wikipedia

    • Madison King

      When Abrahams first wife died, he married a woman named Keturah. They had six children, one of which was named Midian. He is from whom the Midianites descend from.


  2. Jacob Brink

    Why did Ruth lay at Boaz’s feet? Was there any culture significance in what she did?

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