1 & 2 Samuel

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  1. Elijah Hicks

    Why did they want a king to look a certain way?

  2. Carolyn Hanafee

    In the first chapter, when Eli said Hannah was drunk when she was praying, was she praying in tongues?

  3. Autumn Smith

    Why did the Israelites get jealous of all the other nations because they had a king?

  4. Niko Varano

    If the Philistines didn’t want the Hebrews to have any weapons, why did they let them sharpen their tools, axes, and plows?

  5. Madison King

    Why did Israel ignore God’s warning when he told them they would not like their new King?

  6. Jacob Brink

    After David tore off a piece of Saul’s garment in the cave and spared Saul’s life, why did Saul continue to hate David?

  7. Jonathan sullivan

    Was God ok with David having several wives?

  8. Carolyn Hanafee

    Why was Samuel angry that The Lord regret making Saul king?

  9. Lauren

    Why did God send a tormented spirit on Saul?

    • Torrance Claybrone

      First, the evil spirit was “from” the Lord in that it was allowed by God to harass Saul. Ultimately, all created things are under God’s control. It is likely that this evil spirit was part of God’s judgment upon Saul for his disobedience


  10. Lauren

    Why didn’t Samuel sons walk in his way?

  11. Autumn Smith

    What was the purpose of David sleeping with Bathsheba when he had other wives.

  12. Jonathan sullivan

    Why was David so brutal to the men who killed David’s enemy?

  13. Carolyn Hanafee

    Why did they have the young men compete and fight?

  14. Niko Varano

    Why were David and his men so cruel and gory when they killed people?

  15. Carolyn Hanafee

    Why did Absalom conspire against his father?

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