1 & 2 Kings

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  1. Niko Varano

    What questions did the King of Sheba ask Solomon?

    • Jailynn Robinson

      She came to Solomon and asked him: “Are you the Solomon about whom, about whose kingdom and about whose wisdom I have heard?” He replied that he was. She then said to him: “You are truly wise, now I will ask you something, and we shall see if you are capable of answering me,” to which he responded: “For the Lord grants wisdom; knowledge and discernment are by His decree” (Prov. 2:6). The Queen of Sheba asked: “What are the seven that issue and nine that enter, the two that offer drink, and the one that drinks?” Solomon answered: “The seven that issue are the seven days of menstrual impurity. The nine that enter are the nine months of pregnancy. The two that offer drink are the breasts, and the child is the one who drinks.”


  2. Jonathan sullivan

    Was prostitution considered wrong back then since the kings all had concubines?

  3. Autumn Smith

    Why did Solomon decide to build a temple?

    • Alexandria Crocker

      Solomon built the temple because he know his father could not.
      1 Kings 5

  4. Amber Robinson

    Why did Solomon make his palace more elaborate and larger than the temple?

  5. Lauren

    Why did Solomon have many wives? Didn’t he know it was wise not to have them all?

    • Jonathan sullivan

      “Wisdom is applied knowledge; it helps us make decisions that honor the Lord and agree with the Scriptures. Solomon’s book of Proverbs is filled with practical counsel on how to follow the Lord”
      Solomon knew what was right, but he didn’t always do it. These actions resulted in consequences.

  6. Elijah Hicks

    Was Elijah the only person not to die?

    • Jacob Brink

      As far as we know, Enoch and Elijah were the only people who did not die on the earth.

      Source: Genesis 5:24

  7. Madison King

    If the people eventually said God was the one true God, why did they continue to sin?

    • lauren

      Bible.org says that they did not intentional sin they just wanted to show off

  8. Autumn Smith

    Why did Ahab’s wife have to get the vineyard herself?

  9. Jacob Brink

    Why did Elisha kill 42 boys for calling him bald?

  10. Daniel Bylsma

    What was the water supposed to symbolize?

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