Daniel & Esther

Post the question(s) from your journal entry.  Then answer the question from another student, citing a verifying source for your answer.

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  1. Jailynn Robinson

    What food were Daniel and the other men not allowed to eat?

  2. Niko Varano

    In What language did the hand write on the wall?

  3. Carolyn Hanafee

    Were the boys brought before the king in order to become enuchs?

  4. Elijah Hicks

    Why doesn’t God save people from situations like this today?

  5. Autumn Smith

    Why was the writing on the wall so significant?

  6. Jacob Brink

    Did King Nebuchadnezzar truly believe in God and place his faith in the saving grace of the Messiah?

  7. Jonathan sullivan

    Why was the king allowed to take back his throne after being crazy for 7 years?

  8. Alexandria Crocker

    Why did it take so long for the women to be seen by the king?

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