The Beginning of Kindergarten!

School is about to begin at Southfield Christian School.  I am Mrs. Tetirick and I am so glad that I am going to be your teacher.  Our assistant teacher is Mrs. DeKruif.  Our room number is 141.

Your first day of Kindergarten will be a half-day.  Girls are coming on Monday, August 26 and boys are coming on Tuesday, August 27.  All of you will come for a full day on Wednesday, August 28.  I will have bananas and pretzels for snack on the first day. We will try not to let Curious George take a bite out of our bananas!  On Wednesday you should bring a healthy snack, water to drink, and your lunch.  I will send home another note about this on your first day.

In Kindergarten, we will do so many things. We will make new friends, learn Bible verses and lessons from the Bible, do lots of reading, go on field trips, do math, and have fun exploring and learning new things.

On your first day, you should bring your school supplies.  I will have special places for you to put them.  When you come to school, your parents will help you do a “Kindergarten Safari” so you can learn about our room.

I am already praying for you as you are about to begin Kindergarten.  Please pray for me, too. I can’t wait to see you!  We will have a great year.

Mrs. Tetirick

Mrs. Tetirick

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