October, 2013

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Pumpkin Day

We started out Pumpkin Day afternoon by rotating through 3 centers.  At one, the students made a pumpkin book featuring a rhyme they had learned; at another, they played Pumpkin-O, reading sight words and amazing words, and at the third, they played with pumpkin scented play-doh.  Many moms came in to help with the activities.  After centers, the children ate pumpkin muffins and drank apple cider.  It was yummy!  The highlight of the afternoon was going out to the playground and seeing how it had been transformed into a Pumpkin Patch!  Each child enjoyed hunting for the pumpkin with his/her name on it.  They even got to take them home!

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Kindergarten Video About Bats

If you’d like to view the video “All About Bats” that the Kindergartners did in Technology class with Miss Bosch, click on the link below.


Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin

We brought in three pumpkins to our classroom today.  First, we weighed them. Then, we measured the circumference of the Big Pumpkin using yarn.  Next, we predicted which pumpkin would have the most seeds. Lastly, we opened each pumpkin, scooped out the pulp and seeds, and separated out the seeds .  After they are washed and dried, we will put them in group of ten, then hundreds, to make it easier to count the totals.  Most of us think the Big Pumpkin will have the greatest number of seeds, but we will have to wait to find out for sure!

pumpkin 7 pumpkin 6 pumpkin 5 pumpkin 4 pumpkin 3 pumpkin 2 pumpkin 1

Well, the answer has been revealed! After washing and drying the seeds, the students first estimated which pumpkin they thought would have the most. Almost everybody picked the BIG pumpkin.  They then worked together in groups, counting the seeds that had been in each pumpkin, counting out groups of ten seeds, making ten groups of ten to make 100, and then counting the hundreds, tens, and ones.  We found that the BIG pumpkin did have the most seeds, closely followed by the little pumpkin, with the medium pumpkin coming in last.  It was fun cooperating and counting!

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SCS Spirit Week – Sports Day

The Kindergarten Junior Eagles demonstrated a great deal of school spirit when they dressed up for Sports Day.  Go Eagles!!!

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