La Posada – Mexican Christmas procession

In addition to learning about the birth of Jesus, the Kinderkids learned about La Posada, a Mexican Christmas procession and party. For our Christmas party, the children participated in craft activities, then donned their Mexican costumes, and paraded through the hallways, stopping at various classrooms asking, “Is there room in the inn?” Of course, the answer was “no.”  While processing, they sang Christmas carols, including Feliz Navidad, while led by our strolling mariachi.  They ended up in the gym where each child had a turn batting at the piñata, which soon broke open.  The scrambling for candy and treats began!  Back in our room, the children enjoyed a “Mexican” lunch, complete with tacos, chips and salsa, and Mexican hot chocolate.  What a great time they had!

Posada 2 Posada 3 Posada 4 Posada 5 Posada 6 Posada 7jpg Posada 8jpg Posada 9jpg Posada 10jpg Posada 11jpg Posada 12jpg Posada 13jpg Posada 14jpg Posada 15jpg Posada 16jpg Posada 17jpg Posada 19



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