February, 2014

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Day 100 in Kindergarten

We had  been waiting SO long for the 100th day of Kindergarten.  It seemed as if it would never get here, and suddenly we were ready to celebrate.  The students each prepared creative and fun 100 Day projects at home which we displayed for the big day.  100 day glittery crowns were made at school and donned on the morning of our special day.  Excitement built as students wondered about how our Zero the Hero puppet was going to be “transformed” into a human Zero.  After gathering in the Chapel and singing and counting him in, Zero made his appearance.  The students were almost in awe!  Zero shared with us about the number “0” is a hero!  We all counted 100 students from Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade as “Zero the Hero” gave each one a sucker!  After our meeting with Zero, he also came into our room and gave each of us a special Zero sucker.  For our snack, we ate homemade 100 donuts, which were delicious!  All in all, Day 100 in Kindergarten was a great day!

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Valentine’s Day 2014

shaped cards for their families, and opening the valentines from their friends.  After a Valentine story, they made ice cream sundaes complete with whipped cream.  What a fun way to celebrate Valentines’ Day in Kindergarten!

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Technology Class

The Kinderkids went to Technology Class in the Mac lab for the first time this week.  Each sat at his/her own computer while Miss  Bosch instructed and demonstrated what to do on her interactive white board.  After class, I questioned them as to what they had done.  They told me that they had made a cat on the computer and used a mouse.  When I asked if the cat had chased the mouse, they cackled with laughter!

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