May, 2014

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Down on the Farm

We took a long bus ride on a chilly morning to Upland Hills Farm.  Upon arriving, we got on a hay wagon and took a ride on bumpy farm roads out to Story Book Trail.  We hiked through the woods and stopped along the way to read the pages and look at the vignettes from the story, Farmer Duck.  We could read most of the words!  It was a muddy but fun walk!  Soon after getting back to the farm on the hay wagon, we gathered in the cow barn for the Barn Show.  Farmer Nate and Farmer Leslie showed us some of their farm animals; a cow, a goat, chicks, sheep, rooster, and geese.  It was fun to learn about farm animals.  We loved eating lunch at the picnic tables and we were very hungry after our busy morning.  When lunch was finished, we got to walk around the farm in our small groups and go into the different barns; we could even pet some of the animals.  The sun came out and warmed us up; we had a great day!

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Worms, Worms, Worms!

It was Worm Week in Kindergarten!  We started by gathering dead leaves outside.  Then we made worm homes by layering sand, soil, bits of newspaper, leaves, and coffee.  We then each added our own worm, after we had named him/her, of course!  Throughout the week, we took care of our worm by feeding and watering it.  We also did math, art, iPad, and writing activities about our worms.  On Friday, we took our worm friends outside and set them free in the flower beds outside our room.  We hope they can help the flowers grow!

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Spring Happenings

This spring, the Kinderkids have been busy.  They have planted sunflower and green bean seeds, worked in independent literacy stations, painted maps and umbrellas, learned about insects at Cranbrook Museum of Science, and enjoyed Kindergarten life as they practice being “almost First Graders.”  Spring has been slow to come, but the boys and girls have enjoyed their Spring activities.

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