September, 2014

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Michigan Wildlife with Mr. Peter Schriemer, the “Nature Guy”

Mr. Schriemer came into our classroom today and shared with the children about his explorations with Michigan wildlife.  He told about various habitats, animals that live in Michigan, and how God made animals with characteristics perfect with where and how they live.  He encouraged the students to be outside in nature, experiencing and exploring the world God has made.

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Independent Stations – Reading Practice in Kindergarten

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, you will see Kindergarten students working with partners in Independent Stations.  In these activity centers, the students practice listening skills, word work, comprehension skills, writing, and an art activity which are related to the Reading Street unit for the week.  It is a fun way to practice our skills!

Stations 1 Stations 2 Stations 3 Stations 4 Stations 5

Math with Partners

Working with math partners is so much fun! We took turns saying a number and then our friend used tiles to show the quantity we said.  After that, we switched and did it again.

math 5 math 4 math 6 math 3 math 2 math 1


First Day of Kindergarten

Look at these cute KinderKids!  Say Cheese!!!

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