March, 2015

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Hospital Month – Week 5

We have completed Week 5 and Hospital Month must come to an end! This week we learned about the urinary system. All that healthy water our teachers want us to drink must come out somewhere! Many of us knew what a “urine sample” was!

We also went on a Field Trip to St. Joseph Hospital Exploration Station. Miss Gretchen told us all about our body systems; she had a BIG stuffed “friend” names Stuffy. It was a great review for all that we have learned during Hospital Month!

We had a visit by Dr. Taub, an oncologist/hematologist at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. He is Mahliah’s doctor and told us how he helped her when she was a tiny baby. He was amazed that we knew so much about our bodies and asked such good questions.

At the end of the week, we got to wear pajamas to school. It was fun to snuggle on our mats with blankets and stuffed animals for rest time. We watched a movie and ate yummy popcorn that Mrs. Lafata made for us!
Hospital Month has been so great! God created our bodies in so wonderfully and amazingly. Thank you, God!

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Hospital Month – Week 4

Da-dum, Da-dum, Da-dum! That is how our heart beats. We learned that our heart is a muscle that pumps blood through veins and arteries to our whole body. Our heart is always working. It is important to keep our heart healthy by exercising and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. We got to look at and even tough the heart from a cow. It felt cold and soft.

We also learned about our lungs. When we breathe, the air fills our lungs, like when you blow air into a balloon. When we blow out, the air has carbon dioxide which helps the plants to grow. Isn’t God’s creation amazing?

We learned about how our food digests after we eat it. It is important to eat good foods. On Wednesday, we categorized our healthy snack to see how many food groups it fit into. Some of us had grains, fruits, vegetables, or protein. We took our picture with “Chef Pierre!”

On Thursday, Southfield Firefighters Kenny and Scott came to visit us. They told us what to do if their is an emergency. We all know the number to call, which is 9-1-1. If there is ever a fire, we know how to drop to the floor, crawl to the door, and meet our family outside. It was fun to go outside to see the equipment in their fire truck and to hear the loud siren. They even gave us Junior fire hats that we got to take home.
When our First Grade Buddies came, we got to read to them this week. We had practiced reading two science body books so that we could share what we have been learning with our first grade friends.


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Hospital Months – Week 3

This week we had several community helpers visit in Kindergarten. We started out the week by visiting Mr. Fracassi, SCS athletic trainer, in his training room. He taught us about how he helps keep our athletes healthy and strong, and how he helps them when they have injuries.
We learned about our brains. Did you know that your brain is like a computer? It sends signals to all parts of our body. Because of our brain, we can run and jump,our hearts beat and our lungs breathe. We wore bicycle helmets to protect our brain while we rode on scooters in the hallway.
We learned about muscles this week. Our bodies have over 600 of them. They are attached to our bones and help us move. Did you know that our hearts and tongues are muscles, too? We must exercise and eat healthy foods to keep our muscles strong.
Mrs. Mentor, who is a speech pathologist, came to talk to us about her job. She helps kids who need help talking and older people who have trouble swallowing. She gave each of a little flashlight so that we could look in each other’s mouths. It was fun!
Mrs. Miller, a nurse anesthetist, also shared with us out her job in the hospital. She helps give people “sleeping medicine” before surgery and watches the patient carefully during the operation. We had fun looking at and touching the medical equipment she brought.
It has been a fun week of learning about our amazing bodies!

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Hospital Month – Week 2

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This week we learned about bones. Mr. Bones is a skeleton in our classroom. We learned that adults have 206 bones but babies have about 300.

In our hospital centers we had a skeleton scavenger hunt, put together a skeleton puzzle and x-rays, and read an easy reader about our mascot, Curious George. We also painted a picture of a skeleton. During our math time, we have been practicing addition in our Hospital Math books. In Bible time, we heard about Ezekiel’s vision and the valley of the dry bones. We love the “Dem Bones” video and song! We even ate “Bones Breadsticks” for snack.
Dr. Pam Werdlow, D.D.S. came to talk to us about her job as a dentist. She taught about how to brush our teeth and what foods we should and should not eat to keep out teeth healthy. We learned that calcium helps our teeth and bones grow and be strong.
Mrs. Stiteler told us about an adventure that caused her trouble. She fell while walking her dog and broke her wrist. She made a picture book about her trips to the hospital, getting x-rays, and a cast. We are glad that her wrist is now completely healed.
This week we also did “triage” with our First Grade Buddies. We were the doctors and they were our patients. We listened to heartbeats, gave injections, bandaged, and had great fun as we learned!
On Friday, we use the taste buds on our tongues to taste foods that were either sweet, salty, bitter, or sour. We graphed our favorites! This was a fun week!

Hospital Month – Week 1

When we came into our room last week, it looked like a hospital. We were greeted by Mr. Bones, our class skeleton. We learned about the new things in our room and had fun playing with the hospital items. We started working on our Hospital Book which we will add to each day.
During our staff meetings, we have been learning skin and germs. Our skin holds us in and is the largest organ in our body. Skin has different layers and different colors. It is important to keep our skin clean so that germs do not get inside of us or another person. We did an experiment where we put lotion on our hands, then glitter. We shook hands with friends who had different colors of glitter. We found that their glitter got on our hands and ours got on theirs, just like germs. We learned about the proper way to wash hands. We also worked with a partner, each taking turns using a feather to touch our partner’s skin while their eyes were closed. ¬†They had to tell us where they felt the feather touching them.
Pastor Gordon Ainsworth shared with us on Friday. He said that he helps people who are sick are in the hospital, not by giving them a band-aid, but by giving them the Bible. He reads scriptures that help people know that Jesus is with them and he also prays for them. He was our first visitor during hospital month because we want to put Jesus first!
Hospital Month is going to be so much fun and we will learn so much about the amazing bodies God has created!

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