Hospital Month – Week 1

When we came into our room last week, it looked like a hospital. We were greeted by Mr. Bones, our class skeleton. We learned about the new things in our room and had fun playing with the hospital items. We started working on our Hospital Book which we will add to each day.
During our staff meetings, we have been learning skin and germs. Our skin holds us in and is the largest organ in our body. Skin has different layers and different colors. It is important to keep our skin clean so that germs do not get inside of us or another person. We did an experiment where we put lotion on our hands, then glitter. We shook hands with friends who had different colors of glitter. We found that their glitter got on our hands and ours got on theirs, just like germs. We learned about the proper way to wash hands. We also worked with a partner, each taking turns using a feather to touch our partner’s skin while their eyes were closed. ¬†They had to tell us where they felt the feather touching them.
Pastor Gordon Ainsworth shared with us on Friday. He said that he helps people who are sick are in the hospital, not by giving them a band-aid, but by giving them the Bible. He reads scriptures that help people know that Jesus is with them and he also prays for them. He was our first visitor during hospital month because we want to put Jesus first!
Hospital Month is going to be so much fun and we will learn so much about the amazing bodies God has created!

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