Hospital Months – Week 3

This week we had several community helpers visit in Kindergarten. We started out the week by visiting Mr. Fracassi, SCS athletic trainer, in his training room. He taught us about how he helps keep our athletes healthy and strong, and how he helps them when they have injuries.
We learned about our brains. Did you know that your brain is like a computer? It sends signals to all parts of our body. Because of our brain, we can run and jump,our hearts beat and our lungs breathe. We wore bicycle helmets to protect our brain while we rode on scooters in the hallway.
We learned about muscles this week. Our bodies have over 600 of them. They are attached to our bones and help us move. Did you know that our hearts and tongues are muscles, too? We must exercise and eat healthy foods to keep our muscles strong.
Mrs. Mentor, who is a speech pathologist, came to talk to us about her job. She helps kids who need help talking and older people who have trouble swallowing. She gave each of a little flashlight so that we could look in each other’s mouths. It was fun!
Mrs. Miller, a nurse anesthetist, also shared with us out her job in the hospital. She helps give people “sleeping medicine” before surgery and watches the patient carefully during the operation. We had fun looking at and touching the medical equipment she brought.
It has been a fun week of learning about our amazing bodies!

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