Hospital Month – Week 5

We have completed Week 5 and Hospital Month must come to an end! This week we learned about the urinary system. All that healthy water our teachers want us to drink must come out somewhere! Many of us knew what a “urine sample” was!

We also went on a Field Trip to St. Joseph Hospital Exploration Station. Miss Gretchen told us all about our body systems; she had a BIG stuffed “friend” names Stuffy. It was a great review for all that we have learned during Hospital Month!

We had a visit by Dr. Taub, an oncologist/hematologist at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. He is Mahliah’s doctor and told us how he helped her when she was a tiny baby. He was amazed that we knew so much about our bodies and asked such good questions.

At the end of the week, we got to wear pajamas to school. It was fun to snuggle on our mats with blankets and stuffed animals for rest time. We watched a movie and ate yummy popcorn that Mrs. Lafata made for us!
Hospital Month has been so great! God created our bodies in so wonderfully and amazingly. Thank you, God!

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