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God Made Land and Plants

During Bible lessons this week, the children learned that on Day 3 of Creation, God made land to separate the waters. He also made┬áliving things to grow on the land. We learned about different types of land forms, such as mountains, valleys, and rocks and talked about different kinds of fruits and vegetables.We classified pictures into foods we get from the store and foods we get from the land and made a graph. During Science, the children planted grass seed in a plastic, “silly face” cup. We can’t wait to see how our “guys” grow green hair!

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God Created…

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

In our study of Creation, we learned that on Day 2, God made sky and seas. We learned vocabulary words such as wind, clouds, solid, liquid, and gas. To demonstrate how wind move things, the students used straws to blow white and blue paint across a piece of paper, creating beautiful “cloud formations.” It was so much fun!