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Hospital Month – Week 5

We have completed Week 5 and Hospital Month must come to an end! This week we learned about the urinary system. All that healthy water our teachers want us to drink must come out somewhere! Many of us knew what a “urine sample” was!

We also went on a Field Trip to St. Joseph Hospital Exploration Station. Miss Gretchen told us all about our body systems; she had a BIG stuffed “friend” names Stuffy. It was a great review for all that we have learned during Hospital Month!

We had a visit by Dr. Taub, an oncologist/hematologist at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. He is Mahliah’s doctor and told us how he helped her when she was a tiny baby. He was amazed that we knew so much about our bodies and asked such good questions.

At the end of the week, we got to wear pajamas to school. It was fun to snuggle on our mats with blankets and stuffed animals for rest time. We watched a movie and ate yummy popcorn that Mrs. Lafata made for us!
Hospital Month has been so great! God created our bodies in so wonderfully and amazingly. Thank you, God!

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Hospital Month – Week 2

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This week we learned about bones. Mr. Bones is a skeleton in our classroom. We learned that adults have 206 bones but babies have about 300.

In our hospital centers we had a skeleton scavenger hunt, put together a skeleton puzzle and x-rays, and read an easy reader about our mascot, Curious George. We also painted a picture of a skeleton. During our math time, we have been practicing addition in our Hospital Math books. In Bible time, we heard about Ezekiel’s vision and the valley of the dry bones. We love the “Dem Bones” video and song! We even ate “Bones Breadsticks” for snack.
Dr. Pam Werdlow, D.D.S. came to talk to us about her job as a dentist. She taught about how to brush our teeth and what foods we should and should not eat to keep out teeth healthy. We learned that calcium helps our teeth and bones grow and be strong.
Mrs. Stiteler told us about an adventure that caused her trouble. She fell while walking her dog and broke her wrist. She made a picture book about her trips to the hospital, getting x-rays, and a cast. We are glad that her wrist is now completely healed.
This week we also did “triage” with our First Grade Buddies. We were the doctors and they were our patients. We listened to heartbeats, gave injections, bandaged, and had great fun as we learned!
On Friday, we use the taste buds on our tongues to taste foods that were either sweet, salty, bitter, or sour. We graphed our favorites! This was a fun week!

Pumpkin Day

Pumpkin Day was lots of fun!  The Kinderkids enjoyed playing with pumpkin playdough, playing Pumpkin-O and eating the candy pumpkin from the free space, and making a Pumpkin poem book.  It was quite  an experience when they dipped their hands into the pumpkin to pull out the squishy goo and seeds.  Eating yummy pumpkin muffins and drinking apple cider was a real treat.  But, the highlight was walking outside to the SCS “pumpkin patch” and looking for the “special pumpkin” labeled with their name.  Playing on the playground was also lots of fun! God blessed us with a beautiful day and a great time!

pumpkin day 1 pumpkin day 2 pumpkin day 3 pumpkin day 4 pumpkin day 5 pumpkin day 6 pumpkin day 7 pumpkin day 8 pumpkin day 9 pumpkin day 10 pumpkin day 11 pumpkin day 12 pumpkin day 13 pumpkin day 14 pumpkin day 15 pumpkin day 16 pumpkin day 17 pumpkin day 18 pumpkin day 19 pumpkin day 20pumpkin day 21pumpkin day 22pumpkin day 23

Down on the Farm

We took a long bus ride on a chilly morning to Upland Hills Farm.  Upon arriving, we got on a hay wagon and took a ride on bumpy farm roads out to Story Book Trail.  We hiked through the woods and stopped along the way to read the pages and look at the vignettes from the story, Farmer Duck.  We could read most of the words!  It was a muddy but fun walk!  Soon after getting back to the farm on the hay wagon, we gathered in the cow barn for the Barn Show.  Farmer Nate and Farmer Leslie showed us some of their farm animals; a cow, a goat, chicks, sheep, rooster, and geese.  It was fun to learn about farm animals.  We loved eating lunch at the picnic tables and we were very hungry after our busy morning.  When lunch was finished, we got to walk around the farm in our small groups and go into the different barns; we could even pet some of the animals.  The sun came out and warmed us up; we had a great day!

Farm 1 Farm 2 Farm 3 Farm 4 Farm 5 Farm 6 Farm 7 Farm 8 Farm 9 Farm 10 Farm 11

Spring Happenings

This spring, the Kinderkids have been busy.  They have planted sunflower and green bean seeds, worked in independent literacy stations, painted maps and umbrellas, learned about insects at Cranbrook Museum of Science, and enjoyed Kindergarten life as they practice being “almost First Graders.”  Spring has been slow to come, but the boys and girls have enjoyed their Spring activities.

May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6 May 7 May 8 May 9 May 10 May 11 May 12

Hospital – Week 3

This week we had several community helpers visit in Kindergarten. Four fire fighter paramedics from the Southfield Fire Department came to our room.  They brought in a gurney which is the special bed they use for people in emergencies.  We liked seeing it go up and down.  They also showed us a lot of the equipment and how it worked.  We went outside and saw inside their ambulance and fire truck. We especially liked when the EMS truck got a real call and had to go to an emergency with the lights and siren sounding on their truck.
We learned about muscles this week.  Our bodies have over 600 of them.  They are attached to our bones and help us move.  Did you know that our hearts and tongues are muscles, too?  We must exercise  and eat healthy foods to keep our muscles strong.
*Mrs. Mentor, who is a speech pathologist, came to talk to us about her job.  She helps kids who need help talking and older people who have trouble swallowing.  She showed us an x-ray video showing what happens when food is swallowed. She gave each of a little flashlight so that we could look in each other’s mouths.  It was fun!
*We also learned about our hearts and lungs.  The heart is a muscle which pumps blood.  Our lungs take in air when we breathe. The oxygen rich blood is then pumped throughout all our body.  It is important to exercise and each healthy foods so that our heart stays healthy and strong.
*God is an amazing creator!

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Pumpkin Day

We started out Pumpkin Day afternoon by rotating through 3 centers.  At one, the students made a pumpkin book featuring a rhyme they had learned; at another, they played Pumpkin-O, reading sight words and amazing words, and at the third, they played with pumpkin scented play-doh.  Many moms came in to help with the activities.  After centers, the children ate pumpkin muffins and drank apple cider.  It was yummy!  The highlight of the afternoon was going out to the playground and seeing how it had been transformed into a Pumpkin Patch!  Each child enjoyed hunting for the pumpkin with his/her name on it.  They even got to take them home!

pumpkin day 1 pumpkin day 2 pumpkin day 3 pumpkin day 4 pumpkin day 5 pumpkin day 6 pumpkin day 7 pumpkin day 8 pumpkin day 9 pumpkin day 10 pumpkin day 11 pumpkin day 12 pumpkin day 13 pumpkin day 14 pumpkin day 16 pumpkin day 17 pumpkin day 18 pumpkin day 19 pumpkin day 20 pumpkin day 21 pumpkin day 22 pumpkin day 23 pumpkin day 24 pumpkin day 25 pumpkin day 26 pumpkin day 27 pumpkin day 28 pumpkin day 29

Field Trip to the Apple Orchard

We took the bus to Erwin Orchards.  For some children, it was the first time to ride a bus!  We were blessed with a beautiful, sunny, warm day.  Picking apples from the dwarf trees was so much fun! The apple pickers enjoyed eating a fresh, juicy apples…right from the tree.  After apple picking, it was fun eating lunch at the picnic tables, riding on the tricycles, feeding the goats,  and playing on the haystacks.  Before heading back to school on the bus, the highlight of the trip was eating donuts and drinking sweet apple cider.  Thank you, God, for such a beautiful day!

apple 5 apple 4 apple 3 apple 2