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Spring Happenings

This spring, the Kinderkids have been busy.  They have planted sunflower and green bean seeds, worked in independent literacy stations, painted maps and umbrellas, learned about insects at Cranbrook Museum of Science, and enjoyed Kindergarten life as they practice being “almost First Graders.”  Spring has been slow to come, but the boys and girls have enjoyed their Spring activities.

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Hospital – Week 3

This week we had several community helpers visit in Kindergarten. Four fire fighter paramedics from the Southfield Fire Department came to our room.  They brought in a gurney which is the special bed they use for people in emergencies.  We liked seeing it go up and down.  They also showed us a lot of the equipment and how it worked.  We went outside and saw inside their ambulance and fire truck. We especially liked when the EMS truck got a real call and had to go to an emergency with the lights and siren sounding on their truck.
We learned about muscles this week.  Our bodies have over 600 of them.  They are attached to our bones and help us move.  Did you know that our hearts and tongues are muscles, too?  We must exercise  and eat healthy foods to keep our muscles strong.
*Mrs. Mentor, who is a speech pathologist, came to talk to us about her job.  She helps kids who need help talking and older people who have trouble swallowing.  She showed us an x-ray video showing what happens when food is swallowed. She gave each of a little flashlight so that we could look in each other’s mouths.  It was fun!
*We also learned about our hearts and lungs.  The heart is a muscle which pumps blood.  Our lungs take in air when we breathe. The oxygen rich blood is then pumped throughout all our body.  It is important to exercise and each healthy foods so that our heart stays healthy and strong.
*God is an amazing creator!

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Hospital – Week 2

This week we learned about the nervous system.  Our brain is like a computer.  We read a book with information about the brain.  We learned that the brain has two sides and is about the same size as our two fists put together.  The brain sends signals to the rest of our body.  During centers (Rounds), we read a Science Reader about the brain, unscrambled words and put them back together to make a sentence, and played in the classroom hospital. We took home a jello jiggler inside a plastic egg to remind us that our skull helps protect our brain!  We also rode scooters in the hallway, wearing our own helmet to help protect our brain and skull.

scooters 1 scooters 2 scooters 3 scooters 4 scooters 5 scooters 6 scooters 7 scooters 8 scooters 9 scooters 10

Hospital – Week 1

When we came into our room last week, it looked like a hospital.  We were greeted by Mr. Bones, our class skeleton.  We learned about the new things in our room and had fun playing with the hospital items.  We started working on our Hospital Book which we will add to each day.  We learned that adults have 206 bones but babies have about 300.
In our hospital centers we had a skeleton scavenger hunt, put together a skeleton puzzle and x-rays, and read an easy reader about our mascot, Curious George. We also painted a picture of a skeleton. During our math time, we have been practicing addition in our Hospital Math books. We also measured different types of bones using unifix cubes. For snack one day, we ate “Breadstick Bones.”  In Bible time, we heard about Ezekiel’s vision and the valley of the dry bones.  We love the “Dem Bones” video and song!
Nurse Wilson shared with us about her job as a nurse.  She showed us kinds of equipment and supplies that nurses use to help patients.  We put supplies in our own doctor bags.
Dr. Pam Werdlow, D.D.S. came to talk to us about her job as a dentist.  She taught about how to brush our teeth and what foods we should and should not eat to keep out teeth healthy. We learned that calcium helps our teeth and bones grow and be strong.   Hospital Months is so much fun!

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Candy Cane Day

It was a peppermint world in Kindergarten as the children worked in centers doing “candy cane” activities.  We also learned about the Legend of the Candy Cane and how it relates to Jesus.  Of course, eating brownies and peppermint ice cream was a “minty” delight!

candy cane 1 candy cane 2 candy cane 3 candy cane 4 candy cane 5 candy cane 6 candy cane 7 candy cane 8

Gingerbread Day

The Gingerkids had great fun on Gingerbread Day.  Activities included: making a Gingerbread photo ornament, playing with homemade “ginger” scented play-dough, and decorating and eating Gingerbread cookies.  We also read several Gingerbread stories and graphed our favorite ones.

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