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Technology in Kindergarten

For the first time this year, Miss Bosch, our elementary tech teacher, brought iPads into our classroom. The children each had their own iPad to use and, after listening to her instructions, learned how to use the app Hello Crayon. They enjoyed drawing and adding details to an apple picture.

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Worms, Worms, Worms!

It was Worm Week in Kindergarten!  We started by gathering dead leaves outside.  Then we made worm homes by layering sand, soil, bits of newspaper, leaves, and coffee.  We then each added our own worm, after we had named him/her, of course!  Throughout the week, we took care of our worm by feeding and watering it.  We also did math, art, iPad, and writing activities about our worms.  On Friday, we took our worm friends outside and set them free in the flower beds outside our room.  We hope they can help the flowers grow!

Worms 1 Worms 2 Worms 3 Worms 4 Worms 5 Worms 6 Worms 7 Worms 8 Worms 9 Worms 10 Worms 11 Worms 12 Worms 13 Worms 14 Worms 15 Worms 16 Worms 17 Worms 18 Worms 19 Worms 20 Worms 21 Worms 22 Worms 23 Worms 24 Worms 25 Worms 26 Worms 27 Worms 28 Worms 29

Spring Happenings

This spring, the Kinderkids have been busy.  They have planted sunflower and green bean seeds, worked in independent literacy stations, painted maps and umbrellas, learned about insects at Cranbrook Museum of Science, and enjoyed Kindergarten life as they practice being “almost First Graders.”  Spring has been slow to come, but the boys and girls have enjoyed their Spring activities.

May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6 May 7 May 8 May 9 May 10 May 11 May 12

Technology Class

The Kinderkids went to Technology Class in the Mac lab for the first time this week.  Each sat at his/her own computer while Miss  Bosch instructed and demonstrated what to do on her interactive white board.  After class, I questioned them as to what they had done.  They told me that they had made a cat on the computer and used a mouse.  When I asked if the cat had chased the mouse, they cackled with laughter!

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