Just having FUN!

We LOVE interacting with each other….helping, planning, working together, and CREATING:)

Popcorn and Pouring with our new Pitchers!

We LOVED popping corn in the air popper in small groups as well as practicing how to pour water for ourselves with our new “kid-sized” pitchers!

Still Building!!

Yup…you guessed it…STILL lovin’ our Magna Tiles:)

Just another fun week:)

Another fun week of dress up, building and creating, and cementing friendships 🙂


Painting with FROZEN colors at the easel!

We love the movie Frozen in preschool and had so much fun when Mrs. Vowles put some “frozen” colors out at the easel!  Our favorite was the “sparkly” blue!

Making Bubble wrap Man! (OR Girl!)

We loved painting bubble wrap that had been cut into a shape of a snowman and then transferring it onto our paper to make a “print”.  When they dried it was time to give our snow men and girls their personality! We added finishing touches with dotters and buttons and markers.  Fun fun fun!   When we were finished we used our imaginations to share at circle time about our snowpeople: what they were named, what their favorite food was, what they like to play with, and anything else we dreamed up in our brilliant four year old minds!